Part 118*

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As promised, Shravan treated Sumo to some ice cream and turned their depressing mood back into a happy one.

Soon after, they walked back to their resort and made their way to the suite. Shravan carried Sumo bridal style into their room and placed her gently onto the bed. Sumo stared at him with love and admiration. What did she ever do to get the man of her dreams?

Shravan: (smirking) Thinking about me???

Sumo: (blushing) How did you know??

Shravan: (grinning) The smile on your face is enough for me to tell! After all, I'm the only guy to make you smile!

Sumo: (laughing) Egoistic much?

Shravan: (shrugging) The truth is the truth!

Shravan walked around the room, turning off all the lights except for the nightstand besides their bed. The lighting in the room was romantic and dimly lit, causing shadows to dance all over and Shravan walked closer to Sumo.

Shravan: (grinning) Hello Beautiful!

Sumo: (smiling) Hello Handsome!!

Shravan gave Sumo a wink before unbuttoning his shirt in slow motion. Sumo stared at his childish antics but had to admit to herself, that she was actually enjoying it. Shravan looked at Sumo and she abruptly looked away, blushing.

Shravan: (smiling) You can look at me all you want. It's all your's anyways.

Sumo: (pouting) Of course it is.

Shravan threw the shirt to the side, stripping out of his pants before slipping into a pair of board shorts, and leaving himself shirtless. Sumo was still staring at him, Shravan noticed at smirked.

Shravan: Are you going to stare at me all night or do you plan on changing??? I would really prefer some lingerie, you know??

Sumo: (blushing) I'm dying to change too. But you see, (yawning) I'm soooo tired. I could use a little help.

Shravan: So you mean it? Or are you trying to prove something to me?

Sumo: (shrugging) I'm too tried to use my brain. Come on Shravan, help me! Won't you??

Shravan: (grinning) With pleasure!

Shravan walked over to Sumo who was still sitting on the bed as Shravan had placed her. He lifted her hands up and reached down to pull her dress off of her body, leaving her in her undergarments. Sumo blushed as Shravan's hands grazed her bare stomach.

He stood up and retrieved his shirt that he hand thrown off earlier, grabbing it and making his way back to Sumo. He kneeled down besides her as she stared deep into his eyes.

Before Shravan could put his shirt on her, she reached up, putting both of her arms around his neck and pressing her almost bare body against his shirtless chest.

Shravan also put his arms around her, putting his head in the crook of her neck and trailing his arms to her stomach. He reached her ears and began to whisper in a husky voice.

Shravan: (whispering) I want you to feel, hear, and see only me when I touch you like this.

Sumo: (breathing heavily) I only want you.

Shravan: (whispering) And you'll only get me too! (bitting her ears) I won't let anyone touch you. You're mine to keep and mine to love.

Sumo: (whispering) I'm your's. Only yours.

Shravan: And me?

Sumo: (smiling) You're mine! Only mine! Always were and always will be.

Shravan and Sumo pulled out of the hug and Sumo blushed, hiding herself in Shravan's chest.

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