You Meet The Others- Lloyd

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You rode piggyback on Lloyd on the way there.

"It's not to far." He said.

You nods looking at your hands as you thought about music.

Lloyd watched the strings wrap around your fingers.

"That's pretty neat." He smiled.


He walked in the door, and set you down.

"This place is pretty cool."

"Yep. Guys!" He yelled.

"What is it?" Nya asked.

"Well hi." Cole said and smiled. "I'm Cole."





"Don't you mean hohead?" Jay chuckled.


You laughed. "Good one!" Your hands still in your pockets.

"What's with the pockets?" Nya asked.

"Well my sister's element is Music."

You showed your hands, they started sending a musical sound.

"That's so cool!" Jay chuckled.

"Really?" You asked.


"I guess this is going to be more fun than I thought." You smiled.

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