You Meet The Others- Kai & Nya

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You smiled as they took you to the temple.

You played with another ball of light, while you walked.

"Your really enjoying it aren't you." Kai smiled.

"Yeah, it's kinda fun."

Nya giggled, "Well were here!" She smiled.

You smiled and the ball of light disappeared, "wow this place is huge!"

"Yeah it's is, we have a few friends we want you to meet." Kai said.

"Hyde I swear give it back!!" Jay yelled.

"It's your fault you left it out!"

"Guys! Stop yelling!" Cole yelled.

Hyde burst out laughing, "that makes no sense!"

You giggled, "hi there." You smiled.

"Hiya!" Hyde said, "I'm Hyde."

"I'm Y/N, nice to meet you."

"I'm Jay and this is Cole." Jay smiled.


"Lloyd is in the game room with Zane."

Kai nods, "Come on."

"Games?!" You asked looking around.

"Yeah." Nya smiled.

"Hey guys, meet our little sister Y/N." Kai said seeing Lloyd and Zane playing a video game.

"Hi! Can I play the game?" You said.

"Sure, take my place." Zane said.

You giggled and started playing.

"Woah." Lloyd said as you almost immediately pulled ahead of him.

"Your good."

"Why thank you." You replied as you won.

"That's my sis."

"Hey!" Nya said teasingly.

Kai chuckled, "welcome to the team Y/N."

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