Don't be Dense (DekuMomo)

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Momo Yaoyorozu, one of the top students in the first year of U.A and was one of the few who got in via recommendations. She's smart, she has looks that may have people fool her for a more mature woman, and has a stern but not uptight personality. But with all these nice traits for herself, why can't she grab the attention of her crush!?

Sure, many men and teens have come up and confessed their love for her, and eventually she would turn them down. But. Why. Can't. She manage to make him get the hint?

Every time she would approach him, it would just be a light conversation and maybe a few smiles thrown here and there, but other than that. It was just slightly annoying, especially since she heavily hinted at it during the sports festival. 'He's just so dense' She muttered to herself while she stared at the boy from across the room.

Izuku Midoriya, Plain, boring compared to all the other students in U.A, the void of anything interesting other than his quirk, and a total nerd. But for some reason, he managed to catch her attention, and even give her jitters in her heart. She doesn't know when it actually happened, Maybe when he showed how he was willing to give his life to save a friend. Or maybe when he gave up his spot to help Todoroki bury the hatchet about using the left side of his quirk. Or maybe, she just likes him for him? She has no idea why it came to this point, but She wants it to change. Momo has actually discussed this with her friends, though she hasn't said a name.

"Of course you have a chance! Anyone would date someone like you!" Mina said with positive energy laced in her voice. She knew all the support she's gotten has to help her in some way, but she's scared actually. Scared of denial, Scared of rejection, and scared of possibly ruining her friendship with Izuku. 'Why is this so hard!?' She thought to herself as she was struggling to approach the boy.

'Eh? Yao-san is coming up to me again?' Izuku thought to himself as he saw the girl walk her way towards him. He can't really put his finger on it, but some time during U.A they became really close friends. It started off with small chats here and there, to sitting next to him during the lunch break. It truly did perplex him on her motives. Usually people only approach him when they have a problem with their studies, seeing as he has a nice spot on the top 4 in the class. But this was different, Yaoyorozu was always on the top of the class, so any problem with grades were thrown out of the window.

"H-Hey M-Midoriya-kun" She said with a wave as she walked up to the boy. "Oh, Hi Yao-san" he said with an equally awkward wave as she took a chair and sat infront of him. as she sat, he noticed how she was fidgeting more than usually. Playing with the hem of her blazer, avoiding eye contact, a light shade of pink spread across her face, and how her mouth was slightly trembling, like she wanted to say something. "Are y-you okay, Yao-san? You look like you have a fever" He said as he laid the back of his hand on her forehead. "N-N-No, I-I'm fine, actually" She said as she put her hand on his as she gripped it. "Ah, I thought you might be sick. You got me worried there for a second" he said with a warm smile as her heart started to beat faster and faster. 'That damned smile' Momo mentally noted as she held his hand.

"Uhhh.... Y-Yao-san" Izuku said awkwardly as she saw her lightly rub her own hand on his as he makes it on her forehead. "Uh... you can let go of my hand now" Izuku said as he begrudgingly took back his hand. "Uhh.... S-S-Sorry!" She said as she avoided eyecontact and had red blushed all across her face. "Anyways" Momo said as she cleared her throat. "Y-You won't happen to be... available this a-a-afternoon?" She stuttered and, this was just a red flag to the boy. It all clicked in his head. The light blush, how she always fitted spending time with him in her schedule, and how she actually went in and out of her way to dig their friendship deep enough to rival Iida, Uraraka, And Todoroki. "Uhh!? M-Me!?" Izuku said as the blush quickly creeped up across his face. She nodded as the blush the two had threatened to never stop.

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