The wind furiously hit my face as I walked towards my plane. My brother Alfie, my mother, father and my best friends Marcus and Joe and my brother's girlfriend Zoe followed me. After I embraced all my family and Marcus and Zoe, I got to Joe.  Tears started to form in his eyes as I went to hug him. "Hey, why are you crying? You'll set me off silly." I whispered to him. He smiled sadly and mumbled "I'm really going to miss you Elena. So much." I kissed him on the cheek and nodded to tell him I'll miss him too. "But you don't understand.  Elena, I-" He started. I had to stop him before he said it. "Please Joe, not now." I begged. "Elena, please, I need to say that I-" I shook my head. "Goodbye Joe." I said quickly before stepping onto the plane. I couldn't hear him say it, not then. As the plane moved I saw him crying from the window making me cry too. This was going to be the hardest thing I would ever have to go through.


The alarm woke me up with a start. I quickly turned it off before getting out of bed. It was 2am and I was so tired but excited as I was going home. My three years of being in Perth in Australia were amazing and a great experience but I missed home so much. My apprenticeship in having my own shop on the beach was great but after a few years I decided it wasn't for me, I missed doing what I loved doing, which was art. I couldn't wait to see my family and friends again, especially Alfie. My brother meant the world to me, I was surprised to discover that he and most of my best friends were all successful Youtubers, I've been watching their videos and they've still got their bizarre sense of humour. The only thing I was nervous about was seeing him again, Joe. Oh how I missed him. I was afraid of my feelings coming back. He was also a Youtuber and he's still as attractive and sweet as he was before. Some nights I would fall asleep listening to his voice, it felt like he was almost there with me, like I had never left him behind.

"Passengers for the 3am flight to London Heathrow are now welcome to abroad the plane, thank you." A lady spoke clearly. My suitcases were already on the plane so I simply got on the plane and sat down in my seat with my hand luggage. I watched a lot of films and tv before sleeping for the rest of the time. It was a very long 18 hour and a bit flight so I was knackered. When I arrived to Heathrow Airport I fetched my bag before going to find Alfie, Marcus and my mother who were picking me up. "Elena! Over here!" I heard my mother call. I followed the sound of her voice and ran towards her excitedly. I dropped my bag as soon as I reached her and ran into her arms. I started crying, I hadn't seen her properly in three years as I wasn't allowed home so I was very emotional. "I've missed you so much mum." I cried. She kissed me on the cheek and let me go to Alfie. He smiled widely and pulled me into the hug that I've always loved. "Hey there trouble. I've missed you." Alfie mumbled into my hair. "I've missed you too Alfie." I replied. Marcus then hugged me and kissed me on the forehead before grabbing my bags for me and leading me to the car.

"How was Australia then?" Marcus wondered curiously. "Fantastic. Perth is great. I liked my shop, but it's not for me, I miss painting, I miss sculpting, I thought I'd like owning a shop but, it didn't feel right, I'm sorry mum." I admitted. My mum surprisingly didn't look angry but instead she replied "It's fine sweetheart, this was a experiment. If you love art, then do art in University. Your father and I would still be proud of you." I sighed with relief. "I met Troye too. I've seen him in your vlogs. He actually knew who I was too. But congratulations on your YouTube channels, they're amazing." I continued. Marcus and Alfie thanked me and we drove in silence for a bit as I was tired and they were replying to fans. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to ask the question that was constantly on my mind. "How is he?" I started. Marcus and Alfie looked sadly at each other before Alfie said "Okay... well, he has a girlfriend but... I don't know, ever since you left he's been really down... I don't think he's over you still..." My heart sank, had I really broke him? "Yeah, I think it's best that you don't see him yet." Marcus confessed. My heart sank even more. "But, I miss him." I whispered. Marcus held my hand sympathetically. "I know but you've got to be patient. Me and Alfie will tell you when the time is right." Marcus told me. I nodded and rested my head against the window.

Eventually after a long journey we arrived at Brighton and at home. I beamed at the sight of the house. Alfie grabbed my hand while my mum and Marcus got my bags and we walked inside. "Surprise!" A crowd of people shouted as the living room lights came on. A huge banner saying 'Welcome home Elena!' was hanging on the wall. I gasped before laughing. In the room were my sister Poppy, my father, Zoe, Marcus' girlfriend Niomi, Chai (also off YouTube and a good friend of mine) and Caspar (another Youtuber and a close friend). "This is great, thank you." I exclaimed before hugging everyone and telling everyone about Australia and asking them about what they had been up to. I was so happy to be home.

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