Charlotte POV

We just landed back in New York. Aiden briefly told me about his enemies. They were the Jersey gang, who have wanted to take over Aiden's gang since the 1950's. Aiden's grandfather was the founding member, then it was passed on to his son, then to Aiden. He also told me he had a mental illness. "So I have a personality that takes over me. I can't control it." I held his hand and replied, "We'll take care of it, Aiden. I promise." Despite my situation, I can't help but feel sorry for him. 

An Hour Later

We arrive at Aiden's penthouse with a mass of huge, burly men with guns. Aiden escorted me to the elevator, holding my hand. As the elevator opens, there is Billy and my aunt, Molly. "Charlotte! Are you okay?" I ran towards Molly and we embraced. She holds me tight and starts crying. Aiden looks at Molly. "Hi, I'm Aiden. Charlotte's new husband." Molly looks at him and replies, "Your guard, Billy was telling me you and Charlotte married recently. Darling, if you wanted to marry this man, why didn't you tell me? Your mother and I would have understood." I looked at Aiden, scared of what he would say. "We wanted a quiet ceremony, Ms. Boone. I apologize for frightening you and her mother. I truly am sorry." Aunt Molly still looked upset but then hugged Aiden. "Will you take care of my niece? I was updated about the current situation. Will you?" Aiden grabbed me softly and said, "Ms. Boone, I made a vow to always love your niece for better or for worse. I will take care of my beautiful wife until my last dying breath." Aiden planted a kiss on my cheek and smiled. "I will protect her and I will protect you as well." Aunt Molly began to cry out of joy. "I want you to stay with us. I have many rooms that you can have. I will have guards posted for you every hour." Molly shook her head in acceptance. "Okay, I'll stay." I hugged Molly and asked, "What about your home?" Molly replies, "It's okay. I'll figure it out later." Aiden then says to us, "How about we celebrate? Let us go to dinner together. I'll send some shoppers for both you and Charlotte to buy the most beautiful dresses this town has seen." Aunt Molly and I look at each other with delight in our eyes. Aiden gave me a kiss on my lips and said, "I'll be back. I have some errands to run. I'll be back in an hour." Aiden twirled me and said, "When I come home, you better be in only underwear and a bra waiting for me." I blushed as he asked me that. "I'll have a nice present for you if you do that." I replied, "Okay, my love. I'll do that." Aiden gave me a kiss on my lips and walked away. Molly came behind me and said, "You're young. You'll love married life. Now, how about a pizza? I'm starved!" Molly picked her phone and called the pizzeria by her place. I was filled with excitement and nervousness. I was happy that Aiden was my husband. Little did I know, someone wasn't pleased that I was with Aiden. 

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