".......yes, but she still lost lot of blood." I wake up to a voice. I think it's the doctor talking to my mother. I look up and see a man in a white coat. It is the doctor.

"What? What happened? Did I miss something? Mother, why didn't you wake me?" I start to get worked up.

"Katniss, honey, the doctor is talking about Prim's heart. He said her lung will be okay, but she lost a lot of blood. She is still in very bad condition. If you leave today and come back on friday, like you wanted to, she should still be in the same position. They have to bring in some blood to give her a transfusion tomorrow. You can go, I'll be with her. I'll call you if anything happens, I promise," my mother tells me.

"Okay. I'm going to have Annie video my performance for Prim to watch when she wakes up. I know she'll wake up, she has to!" I say. I grab Prim's hand carefully in my own. I just watch her. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. I just want to see her beautiful, baby blue eyes. I hear the door open and close, and I know the doctor just left the room. The door opens again, and I look over my shoulder to see Peeta at the door.

"Morning everybody," he says.

I turn around, and walk over to him. He opens his arms for me to hug him, and I do. When I break away, he just stares into my eyes for a few seconds, then he grabs my hand. He walks over to the chair I slept in, pulling me behind him, and sits down, tugging my arm to make me sit on his lap. We just sit there in silence for a few minutes.

"So, what time are you two leaving today?" my mother asks us.

"Whenever you want to Katniss. Just let me know when you're ready," Peeta says, looking at me.

"We can leave whenever you want. We can eat lunch on the way home," I say. Peeta nods. I stand up, and so does Peeta. I walk over to my mother. "Do you want me to get you something before we leave?" I ask her. She shakes her head. "Okay. Promise me that you will call me if anything happens. Anything!"

"I promise, Katniss," she says. I turn to Peeta.

"Do we need to go check you out of your hotel? Do you have your things?" I ask Peeta.

"I have all of my stuff in the car. All we need is your stuff," he says. I slip all of my clothes into my bag, and hold it with one hand. I am using a small, rolling suitcase.

"Okay. Well, let's go then!" I say, grabbing his hand, and pulling him through the door with my free hand.

We walk out to his truck, and I set my things in the trunk. We drive to the hotel he was staying at, and he gathers his things, and checks himself out. We go back to his truck, and begin the journey back home.

Peeta turns up the radio on 101.3. One of my favorite songs comes on. It's Live With Abandon by the Newsboys. I start singing the first verse.

Chasing after this world makes me tired. Praisin' my own name leaves me dry. There's gotta be so much more to life than this. A higher calling that I missed. I want my life to count, every breath.

Peeta joins me in the chorus.

I wanna live with abandon. Give You all that I am. Every part of my heart Jesus, I place in Your hands. I wanna live with abandon.

When the song is over, Peeta speaks.

"You know, your voice gets even more beautiful everytime I hear it," he says, smiling.

"I really don't understand how everyone thinks I have a pretty voice. It's really not the best," I say. "But, thank you." I smile.

"You're welcome," he says. He is still smiling. I yawn. "You can take a nap if you want. I don't mind," he says.

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