Now I'm not saying that your character has to be likable (e.g. they may be a villian/not a nice person in the story), but you, yourself, the author, has to like the character for the role that they are playing. So, I recommend you go speed dating. Yes, you read that right, speed dating. Speed date your character, ask them the nitty-gritty questions, know everything about them, from their appearance to their likes and dislikes to whether they pick their nose or not (says 'ew' in a Jimmy Fallon voice). Try not to be stereotypical (I'm speaking to myself on this one because hey, I was fourteen when I made up Lea and River's characters and they were cliché as hell). Basically, speed dating is key.

7) How did Lea's parents take it when they found out about her relationship with River?

In the epilogue, it mentions how when Lea's father found out she was sneaking around with River behind his back, he stopped talking to her, and she stopped caring. So that sort of answers the question. Whether he would continue to ignore her and not accept their relationship is up to you to decide, however, River does say he wants to mend the wrong with him, so that gives you hope that maybe one day he will be accepting of their relationship. But I left that up for you to decide.

8) Emily told Nick to tell her brothers (plural) that she loves them, who are her other brothers?

River is her biological twin brother, so that's one. She also has her adoptive brother, Conner (or 'yum' as Lea named him once lol), so that's two. She has two brothers. She couldn't remember their names, she only knew she had brothers.

9) Who did Emily love more, Nick or Ky?

It's hard to say. I want to write a book about Emily, but I'm not too sure, her story is also complicated like everyone else's. She did love both of them though, that's for sure, some people are just like that. I think there was more infatuation with Ky than with Nick. But then with Nick, they had a really good chemistry and she wasn't afraid to speak her mind with him, and he did treat her well. Honestly, I can't answer the question fully, she loved them both, you'd have to ask her who she loved more but she's a fictional character so...

10) Do Jake and Ky and Marissa and Lea begin to merge together more like they did in the recent chapter (together) due to Lea and River's relationship? Or do they only talk for the sole purpose that their friends are dating?

Yes, I imagine them merging. Like how Marissa went to Graceland with them, I can imagine her going many other places with them. For Lea, I imagine her growing a good friendship with Ky, a little more than with Jake, because Jake is distant and busy (you can find out more about Jake in TBAI, hehe innocent plug). Since Marissa has feelings for Ky, there's still a little element of awkwardness between them, but I think they will get over (or...something else happens).

11) Any tips on improving writing skills?

Read, read, read, read, read, read, read, READ. Not just Wattpad, read old stuff, new stuff, read the news, read scripts, read plays, read Shakespeare (eh, Romeo and Juliet, eh eh). You can take up creative writing classes and blah blah but I honestly think that reading is the best way to improve your writing. And Wattpad is great for improving your writing because you get criticism for free (anything for free is brilliant). Ask your readers for constructive criticism, read their comments. Ultimately your readers are your audience, and you ideally want to cater for your audience (obviously you write what you want to write, but readers comments can aid in the inspiration, at least it has for me). Readers, you guys, are brilliant. Thank you for being brilliant.

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