chapter 2 (edit)

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Period 1- " I had to deal with Kirito's complaining"

Period 2- "I had to deal with Kirito's fights with both the male students and the teachers"

Period 3- "I had to deal with Kirito in general"

Period 4- " I had to deal with Kirito's  rudeness to me and others 

" Ugh!!! He's such a pain" I said rubbing my head. My head was throbbing faster than the speed of light.  Maybe he's doing this on purpose to get my real character out, he could actually be smart.

I stare at him angrily, What could you be thinking of kirito? no matter what you do ill be in first place, do whatever you please.

" what do you want?"

"What do you mean?" I said clearly not understanding the situation.

-" have been staring at me since fourth period, what's the catch? don't tell me your falling in love with me" he said clearly angry.

"well I would stop, but all you have done is cause trouble, this needs to stop your hurting me and your classmates don't you think you're being a little rude," I said angelically holding my hands together.

- " ugh! here you go with this pure girl act could you stop, girls like you could care less about others only about themselves ."

damn this boy is smart I only care because it's affecting me, I have to think of something quick or else I could go downhill real fast. " kirito I know you didn't like me from the beginning but it's rude to state assumptions about others, please reconsider your words next time"

*Kirito shrugs his shoulders and turns around*

I can never read this boy what is wrong with him. I thought, almost breaking my pencil.

( Ten minutes later)

" oh no," he stated. I rose my head from the desk and looked at kirito. what could possibly be the problem now? I'm trying to sleep, sir.

"What happened?" I said rubbing my eyes and trying to stay awake.

" well good two shoes if you like to know, it's Mira"

" Who?" I said clearly not knowing the girl he clearly dislikes, yet again what girl does he like? him liking a girl is zero to none.

" it's a girl who likes me, she's mad annoying, even more than you". first of all I literally only spoke five sentences to you and I'm already annoying, wow great assumptions, at this point I clearly don't care anymore.

" she can't be that bad right? please stop hating people because they don't fit your regulations, you're honestly acting like a stubborn child please shut u-----"

I was suddenly interrupted by a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. wow, she's extremely pretty is she a daughter of a model? how can a boy not fall for her maybe kirito runs the other way if you know what I mean? 

 "Um... Kirito c-can I ask you something?" her face was staring at the floor, shes shy aww how adorable, please don't break her heart kirito.

"what do you want?" his tone was clearly not in the right position, I was angry and low pitched.

* I whispered to kirito*" Damn calm down it's only been one second into the conversation and your already being rude. shes just trying to ask you a question let her if you have a conscience right now"

* He rolls his eyes* " I'm listening"

-" Will you go out with me!!!!!!" her face was all types of shades of red, and could barely say a sentence out of her mouth.

- "no, I honestly do not like you, or any part of you, your just one of the bunch of imbeciles in this classroom. so takes this as a warning and never ask me out again, what makes you think that you had a chance blonde"

" ok.... I understand" she walks away to her seat and from afar I could see her cry silently my soul cared for her a little, he could have said no, there was no need for the rest of his statement.

" what is wrong with you, she probably wants to curl up into a ball and die. you could have said it sweeter, no of course not because your just rude"

Kirito- "hm! where did goody two shoes go, you seem more real now." he said smirking.

" what act could you possibly be talking about," I said once again in character." I wasn't trying to be rude unlike you and the tele novella you just did, I'm just trying to correct your actions that all.

* He nods his head not caring at all about a single thing I have to say*

" Sometimes you really should care," I said genuinely " if you care you can get friends, and with friends, your life can be so much better"

 "as I said before I do not care, all my life I have to deal with girls like Mira so nothing is new. what is there to care for in a class of imbeciles."

*sigh* you're a helpless case kirito I hope the world treats you nicely even though you can be rude like this. maybe I'm not the only one playing an act I thought looking at his distraught face.

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