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Cameron said I had to go to magcon today because the fans are worried about me. I agreed even though I really don't want to go but I have to for the fans! I wake up next to Taylor and smile. I get out of his grip and walk over to the bathroom. I take a shower and when I'm done I put on black jean shorts and a galaxy shirt. I put on some light make up and curl the ends of my hair. I put on some black sandals and walk out of the bathroom and see Taylor still sleeping. Man this boy can sleep. but he looks cute sleeping! I walk over to him and shake him "Taylor, Taylor you have to get ready for magcon" I say and he wake up. he groans and smirks at me. "did I do something?" I ask. He raps his arms around my waist and pulls me beside him I laugh at how he is. "I just want to lay with you" he says while staring at me. " well sorry baby, no can do." I say getting out of his grip and siting up he dose the same. He leans in and kisses me, I kiss back. I have missed these lips! I crawl on his lap and I am not on his lap kissing him. it gets heated fast and we are now on a full make out session. "Are we enerupting something?" I hear a voice behind me and it scares me a little. I look behind me to see Allysa and Matt. FUCK! I jump off of Taylor and stand next to the bed. I feel my face getting hot and I know it's red. Taylor's is red to. "umm no your not" I say and glare at Allysa she smirks at me. They giggle skittle and Taylor and Matt walk out because Allysa asked them to. "really Allysa you couldn't have let me go?" I say whisper yelling at her. "ok sorry! but I could tell if I didn't walk in you too would have gotten it on." she said wiggling her eye brows. "not funny Allysa you now what just happend to me!"

"Ok ok I'm sorry." she says and huffs me I hug back "it's ok, and I would not have done it!" I say letting go of her.

"Mmmh...keep telling yourself that. anyway I have to tell you that I'm leaving today. and I have to go back home."

"Wait what no please don't go"

"I'm sorry I have to. me and Matt are going to still be together and me and you will always be friends. I promise." she says. I tear up and start crying and we hug for at least 2 minutes. "ok I have to go my bags are in a cab out side. bye I love you." she says

"Bye I love you too" I say and hug her one more time. she walks out. I go into the bathroom and fix my make up. I walk out of the room and go to camerons, nash and I room. I Knock and nash answers. I smile and hug him. "hey in sorry about last night." he says while I let go. "hey I said its ok" I say. he smiles and lets me in. I walk over to my bed and camerons on his phone. "Hiya!" I say and jump on his bed. "Hey" he says and puts his phone away.

"Hey nash!" he says

"Yea?" nash says coming out of the bathroom.

"I think Hannah needs to get tickled!" cameron says and starts tickeling me and so dose nash. I start to laugh and my sides hurt from laughing. " NASH AND CAMERON STOP!!" I say between laughs. they finally stop and get off of me. I get up "ready for magcon?" nash asks. I nod and we all walk In the all and all the guys are in the hall way already. I run over to Taylor and he catches me and spins me. I laugh a little he sets me down and I kiss his cheek. we walk down to the green room and Bart yells " 30 seconds until you go on stage!" we line up and the boys start running out "ok ready hannah?" Bart asks I nod ok "3...2...1 Go!" I run out to hear all the girls screaming. I walk over to my table that I share with cameron. we start signing things and after that we all go on stage. "ok guys so as you know Taylor and my sister are dating." camerons says " but what is there ship name?" he says and looks at us. "I think it should be #haylor!" shawn tells into the mic. all the girls start screaming. my phone starts beeping like crazy! And so dose Taylor's, we take out our phone, and looks at twitter. #haylor is trending! I look at Taylor and he is smiling! we look at each other and hug. "Awww, shouldn't they kiss?" both jacks say. I blush and look away at the crowd. Taylor lifts up my chin so we are face to face and leans in. he kisses me and I kiss back " ok that's enough!" cameron says stepping in between us. I blush and so dose Taylor. he intertwines our fingers and we hold hands.

Magcon is know over and it's 9:00 at night. all of us go into Taylor's room. we all sit around. "we should go to walmart and buy a bunch of junk food and have a movie/ lazy night!" I say they all nod and we go to walmart and come back to the room. We watch frozen, haunted house, and the purge. I soon fall asleep.

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- Hannah - 💖

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