I'm allergic to vampires! Literally.... Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


"So you're going to go through with this?" I asked, 

"Yes why wouldn't I?" He barked. 

"It's just...she's been bonded to another." I admitted. 

"What! I told you to keep her away from anyone else. Dammit!" He punched the cement wall, leaving it crumble before his strength. I flinched. "So hell, she's pregnant?" He asked, angrily. 

"No, they bonded through a savior connection." 

"Well then she's just going to have to deal with it. Why didn't you just kill him?" 

"I....don't know..." He let out a frustrated sigh. "Rayas?" 

"Yeah what?" 

"So you will be able to save her?" I questioned. 

"It's what I promised you, why would I lie?"  

"I was just making sure." 

"You have no faith in me, come on, she'll be back at your side in no time. The faster we get Skyler, the faster Angel will be with you."


It had been hours of feeding and dozing off. I was incredibly weak but I kept insisting he drank my blood. If he didn't...I don't know if he'd make it. When I was about to fall asleep again for the fifth time, Adrian walked into the room. 

"It's time, princess." He said. He looked slightly ticked off but I couldn't find a reason for it. "But-" He cut me off. 

"Hell I don't care, we're leaving and if I have to I'll kill him." I looked at Galen who still slept silently at my side. I kissed his forehead before getting out of bed. I wobbled slightly and gripped the bedside. Adrian had a look of confusion on his face. Before he could stop me I quickly pulled on some comfortable clothes and made sure he didn't see my lock. This prevented anyone from raping me. My mother had designed it for my benefit. Truthfully, it's not like it had been tested against vampire strength but it was better than nothing. I knew it's what Rayas wanted so it was best to keep it a secret. Adrian came up from behind and picked me up.  

"Hey! I can walk you know!" 

"But not as fast as me, plus I don't think your in any condition to walk." He set me on my feet as an example. I immediately collapsed to the floor, all my energy was gone. 

"So even if he didn't mean to he still hurt you. I told you he would." I heard a voice say. 

"Damn you." I hissed. "Your one to talk." That shut him up. 

"Isaac I think you should leave, your making things worse." 

"I just wanted to prove to her that he doesn't care about her." 

"You don't know anything about him!" I shouted. 

"Neither do you!" He shouted back. Adrian helped me up.  

"Isaac, leave now." Adrian commanded. My gaze switched over to Galen, who surprisingly was still asleep. Wait...no... I ripped myself out of Adrian's arms and rushed over to Galen. I shook his shoulder. "Galen?" He didn't respond. 

"Galen? Wake up! Galen!" I shook him harder. His skin was ice cold. "No..." I whispered. He didn't stir, his breathing was halted and lay in a peaceful position. 

"Galen....I'm so sorry...I wasn't fast enough...." The first tear fell on his face and I couldn't hold back the rest.  

"Are you happy Isaac?" I asked lowly. They were both silent, shocked. I got off the bed and faced him. Isaac straightened up, those blue eyes of his looking confused. "I asked you a question." I said. 

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