Chapter 98.

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One year guys! Today this book completes one year!

When I had posted chapter 1 on 30th August 2016 I honestly had no idea I would be still writing this book after a year!

My plan had been a short story 15- 20 chapters. It's only my readers response that made me go on writing and I gave myself a new target of about 60 to 70 chapters (yeah I did attempt to end it twice LOL!)

Do you know how I got the idea in the first place? Guys you can skip this tale if you want and go on to read the chapter below directly- okay?

After the MtV show Kaisi yeh yaariyaan had ended Season 1 I started watching it online- since I had promised someone I would give it a go (I rarely watch T.V shows). I liked the show (it's handling was much better than most shows!) That is when some people asked to me to write a FF on MaNan!

I was like 'No way!' Me and FF out of the question! But they kept insisting and I kept refusing- and it never happened.

This was October 2015. After about 7 8 months I thought as a challenge to self I would give it a try and write a very short one- but not as a typical FF.

Then came the question -which show? I was more or less sure channel would be Sony and an ongoing show (at that time on air). So to cut an already long tale short it came down between 2 shows Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi and Ek Duje ke Vaaste based purely on the fan tweets- haha!

While I was wondering which one should I watch quite coincidentally the same friend who had asked me to watch KYY asked me to watch EDKV! So I took that as a hint that maybe it is destiny I choose this show.

That is how it began guys! Purely coincidence! I know I have a lot of readers who are MaNan and DevAkshi fans. Guys their story was beautiful too! KYY I have watched not KRPKAB but the fan love says it all!

One year and at chapter 98 later I am amazed where I stand with all the love that has been showered on this book by all of you!

Thank you for loving this book. Thank you for liking my style of writing.

P.S This track of Shravan Vs Sumo is my favourite one! Side by side love always blooms. It is when you are opposite each other that love shows it's true depth and comes out more beautiful than ever before!

And yeah! The ones who are stealing my work -even taking indirect ideas - heard of Karma? I learnt from my parents, teachers and others around me stealing is wrong- Did you?

Ask me nicely I am always there to help a fellow writer but for others I spin the ball of Karma - Pad your butt well!

That is only for the ones who practise plagiarism!

Love, from me to you, my amazing readers!

Enjoy (the chapter! Haha!)

Shravan's POV.

"Vandy call up Dubeyji later and get this lamboo's luggage transferred into the car."

"Varun bhaiya. Please understand it's a client requirement-"

"Varun today's bill would already be charged. So let us stay here and enjoy room service and leave after a few hours?"

"Good idea my beautiful wife. Ask Dubeyji to go home and come back later."

"Bhaiya- really-"

Ding Dong!

This time the doorbell interrupted me.

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