My Brothers Best Friends

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"Sam do you want to come play some football with me Ian and Mark?" My bother Josh said. I could tell he didn't really want me to, but my mom always made him ask. Of course I wanted to play with my brother, he was the only one who would really tackle me. Well if he could catch me. That's one of the main reasons I loved playing with him and his friends, I would make all the touchdowns because I was so fast. Ian and Mark would laugh at Josh for me beating him and they would want me on there team. I never thought of Mark and Ian as anything more the my brothers friends. Mark was African American at least six foot four and had big brown eyes. Ian on the other hand had slightly curly blonde hair, beautiful green eyes and had strong muscular arms. Again all they were to me were my brothers friends like big brothers to me as if I needed any more they came over every day and slept over each others houses every weekend. If I even thought about liking either of them, my bothers would make sure it didn't happen. What am I even saying what is the chances of them falling in love with there best friends sister?        

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