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First kissssssssssssssssss boi.

Bone Brothers-

You accidentally kissed both of them, on their mouths out of joy when the war ended.


In his basement, because that's where he felt comfortable kissing you at. You got to compromise. You want that kiss, got to do it in a dark dingy basement.


On the balcony. It was nice at that moment and always will be.


In a field full of daises. You had a mouth full of bees though.


At his house in the 21st century. In his manatee bedroom. (in the movie, why is there heaps of posters on manatees in his room, EVERYWHERE!)


On the beach just watching the waves creep in and out. Then he was inching closer to you.


On the cliff that out looked the ocean. He dreamed of going out there once, but he never did.


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