25~Old Lessons

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3rd Person POV

It has been a day since Marie-Anne last spoke to Dylan. She desperately wanted to tell him about the pregnancy, but she didn't know how he would react. Dylan was pretty clear on what he wanted and that was no kids. Marie-Anne wanted to get an abortion, however, she didn't want to seem cruel. She remembers the story her mom use to tell her about that family friend who was never able to get pregnant after she had an abortion in her younger years; Marie-Anne did not want kids now, but she knew she might want them someday.

"Did you know that Earth is the only planet not named after a god?" Tyler asks as he and Marie-Anne walk through the quiet park. Tyler had asked Marie-Anne to come here, she showed up a few minutes ago. They aren't doing anything, but talking as they walk, yet they both needed this. Marie-Anne is over thinking things as usual, with Esther at work, all she needed was someone to talk to and Tyler couldn't be happier to help.

Tyler also needed someone to talk to, he is bored out of his mind with nothing to do. By now, he knows quitting his job wasn't the best decision. Quitting probably wasn't a good idea, nevertheless, he plans to enjoy his time off as much as he can. His grandmother isn't getting any better, his father says she doesn't have much time to live. When she dies, his father will be the new king of England and him being the firstborn, he will be the new heir to the throne. He's going back home when his grandmother dies.

"I didn't know that," Marie-Anne replies chuckling at the fun fact. She puts her hands deeper in her pocket pulling her jacket closer to her. 

"Have you made a decision yet?" Tyler asks getting into the serious business. Tyler is completely pro-life, he doesn't support Marie-Anne in her abortion thoughts, but he knows better than to tell a woman what to do. All he wants to do is be there for her, he knows she needs a friend right now not a judge.

"No, I honestly do not know what to do," Marie-Anne has never felt so indecisive in her entire life. She is usually quick in deciding what to do in situations, this one is different. This is a life she is carrying, she doesn't want to end it and later regret it. "Why are you against abortion?" Marie-Anne asks Tyler trying to get some insight on the whole controversial issue. Marie-Anne has never thought about the abortion situation, she always had that mindset that she wouldn't get pregnant unless she was sure.

"Multiple reasons, one of the main reason is: who are we to end something as precious as human life?" This is the one thing question Tyler asks himself whenever the issue comes to his mind. Growing up Tyler was raised a Catholic, he was taught how precious human life is. He might not practice the religion anymore, however, his beliefs are not changing.

"I don't know, I think that's God's job," Marie-Anne says. She could hear what her mother would say to her right now. 'You think you're old enough to get pregnant then you're old enough to have that baby'  is what her mother would say. This situation is different, she isn't a teenage girl that ended up pregnant, she's grown. She wishes she could call her mother, so she can hear her motherly advice right now. She can't, her mother would be so disappointed.  Her mother is old school, she would want her to be married. Her mother is still waiting for her to find a good Haitian man to marry and pop out Haitian babies.

"Exactly," Tyler says. A bench comes up and the two of them take a seat both tired of walking almost the whole park. Marie-Anne deep in thought give Tyler a weak smile, Tyler does the same.

"Why do you care so much?" Marie-Anne asks the question that has been going through her mind. Tyler is nothing but a stranger to her, he doesn't know her whole truth and neither does she. Despite all that, he seems to care about her more than she cares about herself.

"I don't know, I guess that's my problem, I care too much," Tyler says repeating the words millions of people including his father has told him. That's how he knew, he could never be king one day, kings were supposed to look at the bigger picture, be all about business. He is different, he cares too much, he cares about things he shouldn't even care for.

"You shouldn't, I am capable of caring for my self."

"I know, everyone knows that what they don't know is that sometimes you need someone to care for you, you want a shoulder to lean on," Tyler couldn't have been more correct. Marie-Anne is so used to playing tough and all knowing that sometimes people around her forget that she is human. She too needs someone to care for her too.

Marie-Anne looks at Tyler nodding her head mouthing a thank you along the way. Tyler doesn't say anything looking at the girl he cares so much for. Marie-Anne is really all knowing, one thing she doesn't know is how much Tyler actually cares for her. She doesn't know how much she means to him, how could she when she doesn't know his full story. Marie-Anne uplifts his spirit, she gives him hope in a world where it is impossible to hope.  For some odd reason, the moment Tyler laid eyes on Marie-Anne, he felt something towards her.

Why wouldn't he? Marie-Anne is everything Tyler wants in a woman, she is smart, beautiful, she has a smart mouth, and she actually is down to earth. Tyler has had enough of shallow woman, England didn't do him right when he was homeschooled, he didn't have time to date. When he came here, he thought he would get a fresh start, that wasn't true. Girls drool over him because of his pretty face and accent. Many say the accent gives him a certain charm, he didn't see it, he wishes he could get rid of that stupid accent.

Marie-Anne leans over giving Tyler a hug, Tyler gives in caressing her natural curls that fell on her back. Marie-Anne closes her eyes taking in the smell of his cologne, it reminds her of the beach, she loves the beach. Marie tries to forget her quote: if a guy cares about you, he probably just wants to get in your pants. What if the guy already got in your pants? Tyler has no reasons to care for her, yet he does. Marie didn't want to think about this right now, she has someone who cares for her, that's all that matters.


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