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In Mewar's royal palace,
Pratap was moving to his room when he heard a femilar voice from behind.When he turned behind ,it was non other than his best friend Chackrapani Mishra.

C: Baugiraj (to Pratap) where r u
      leaving for. And that to in
      hurry? Is everything fine??
P: No, nothing is fine.
C: what happened? Anything serious?
P: Actually yes, it is indeed a serious matter.Come let's tak in my room.
C: ok.
In the room
C: so, what's the problem?
P: Actually Rani maa and Dajiraj wants me to get married.
C: married!! Wow!
P: (bit annoyed) don't get happy so early cause I have put a condition in front of them for getting married.
C: and what is it??
Pratap narrated everything to him.
C: what? A girl who would match your achary skills? I am trying it since we both were five and I still can't match your achary skills how will a girl do so?
P : that's the point my friend. They will not be able to find out a girl of this type and so I will not get is so simple.
C: but why u don't want to get married.why r running away from it.
P : the problem is "girls" .
C: 'girls'??? How can girls be a problem??
P: now a days even if u ask any girl to hold even a sword for some time, she will return it to you in few seconds saying her hand is paining. U tell me how can a girl Handel both her life and my life,who can't even Handel a sword for some time. These girls are tooo much!
C: no, I have a different option.according to me u should get married. And yes, I agree that the girl should be of your choice and last u have to stay the whole life with her. But I seriously thik that Ranisa will get u a girl of your type.
P: how can u say so confidently?
C: cause I have seen your' kundli'
And it says that it's time for a girl to enter your life.
P:no, u r lieing.
C: no , I am not lieing. I am serious. As soon as the girl steps in your life , U will get a good news. Mark my words . This is only going to happen.
P: I am not interested in getting married. At least not now.
C:u can't stop things which r going to happen. They r not in your hand. Let's see what's kept for u??
In Bejolya's royal palace,
Ajabde was practicing  sward fight with a soilder in the garden.Each n every move had perfection.Suddenly Saubhagyavati enters
S: Ajabde! I need to talk to u!
A: I will talk to you later ,now I am practicing can't u see.
S: ohhhhhh hooo, this girl! Ajabde till the time u don't come with me I will keep on shouting your name.Ajabdeeee! Ajabdeee,
A: U will never change, stop shouting I am Comming with u.
In the room
A: now tell me what's the matter?
S: I heard that your parents are searching a match for u. I mean a boy for marriage!!
A: yaa! But you know what! It's not going to happen!
S: what? What is not going to happen?
A: my marriage!
S: but why!
A: (she narrated everything about the condition she had put forward for her marriage)
S: whattttt???? Are u serious!
A:yaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am serious!
S: why this condition? You never said anything about this to me .
A: actually everything happened so fast that whatever came to my mind , I said that!
S: so basically u don't want to get married?
A: yaaaaaaaaaaaaa! But no one understands me!
S: so, I am here to understand u.tell me what problem do u have with getting married??
A: "Marriage" the word itself is so heavy, so dangerous.
S : first of all it is not  'dangerous' or 'heavy' . It is a responsibility, a responsibility​ that a girl has to carry he whole life. I it's a beautiful experience.
A: r u gone mad? " Beautiful experience" seriously???
How can it be beautiful?? It is so risky!! I mean a girl has to change everything just for her marriage?
Leave her home , her friends, her dreams, her parents and even her name just for the sake of marriage. This is not fair.A girl will do soo much and the boy will do nothing? I really don't understand why people get married?
S: why should u get afraid of marriage?  U r used to take risk right? I remember when u were just seven u had saved a little boy who was drowning in the lake, even if u dint know swimming .
A: that was something different and this is different.
S: no, it's not at all different. U r thinking negatively, just think if you get an appropriate guy then?? And u think guys don't sacrifice anything ? U r wrong.
The guys life will also change totally. He also carries responsibilities, he will have to understand u, adjust  with u. Share everything with u, from his room to his life.
A : buttttttt???
S:Tell me one thing, u trust your parents?
A: what question is this? Yes I do trust them, even more than myself.
S: then just leave everything on them. They will find the right match for u.
A : I think u r right, whatever will happen will happen for good.
S: now that's  like my friend??
A: now I feel a little free, I don't know I was a bit afraid regarding this thing. Thnx yaar!
S : Honestly, I think, I mean I have a strong feeling that  u will get your soulmate. That to very soon!
A: hope so!
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