Stuck in classes

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I am so so sorry i know i said i would update last Sunday but i have had migraines all this week,really painful ones so it was really hard to try and think what to write and to look at the bright screen,i still have a migraine but it is not as bad so i decided to write another chapter and I am sorry but here is the chapter.

It has been a Since I nave Found out about my family,Harry still isn't talking to me but isn't being mean to me.

Lupin has been trying to talk to me but all of the times,I have found away out because I dont want to make it awkward.

Snape has been the same but  I can feel him looking at me whenever he is near me and

I told Neville first about everything then everyone else wanted to know so i told,Hermione and Ginny and Fred and George

and Hermione told Ron about my parents and Voldemort but she didn't tell Ron about Snape because I didn't want Harry finding out about Snape being my uncle.

If Harry found out that Snape is my uncle it would be a disaster,My dad is Sirius Black,a murderer  which he thought I knew and didnt telk him then also my uncle is Snape who hate Harry and  who we think is deatheater,what fun it would be if Harry found that out,he is angry enough at me already as it is.

Everyone has returned to hogwarts from their holidays  and i really dont want to go back to classes again,its so nice having a break and Lupin will probably try to talk to me,Great.

"Charlotte"I hear someone say

"Charlotte!"I hear someone shout who i think is Hermione.

"Charlotte!!!!!"Ginny screams which scares the shit out of me.

I fumble around and nesrly fall on the ground but grab onto the bed in time.

I sit up and Gkares at Ginny and Hermiome who are laughing.

"What do you want????!!!!"I ask annoyed

"It is the first day back to school,well classes and we are going to get breakfast,are you coming?"Asks Ginny

"Fine give me a minute"I say Grabbing my uniform running to the bathroom putting it on.

I brush my teeth and wash my face.

"Lorem ipsum"I mutter a spell which is basically foundation and matches  to the colour of you skin.

I walk out and Hermione and Ginny are sitting on my bed waiting.

"Right lets go"I say grabbing my bag.

I sit beside Fred and opposite Ginny,Hermiome is at the other side,I decide to eat some porridge with fruit.

"What would you do if George and I were to prank someones Uncle"Fred asks

"Ufpghhg do what you like,I can't stop you"I sigh

"Good because i think you should look up at Professor Snape now"They both say together.

I look up and Snape is abou to tak a drink and he spits it all out.

"Who did this?"Snape yells. and George and fred start laughing,Snape notices and marches down the hall.

"What did yous do?"I ask 

"Put salt in his drink"George says and i shake my head.

"You think its funny,do you,detention tonight at 7:00"Snape growls behind them and leaves.

Fred and George decide to walk me to my class  because they have potions next and dont want to go,I told them they would get a detention but they didnt care.

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