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Well guess what??.....

I was standing in my bathroom in front of the mirror and I was admiring my new, sexy body. I used to be a chubby 17 year old girl but now that I have lost over 100 pounds, I am a totally different person, it's the first day of my senior year, and I'm ready to show the whole world the new me.

Well I guess I'll start off by saying that my name is Melanie Joy Carter. I have long, shiny reddish brown hair with blonde streaks(dyed.....used to be strawberry blonde). I have bright green eyes, I'm 5'3 and I now have a very sexy looking body.

Last year I had weighed 220 pounds and my goal was to lose 100 pounds over the summer, well guess what? I did it! My brother had helped me the whole summer by having me run a mile per day, eating fruit for breakfast, I had to swim 20 laps in the pool each afternoon, and lift weights with him for an hour after dinner every night. He never allowed me to eat junk food and I had to eat either steak, chicken or fish with vegetables for lunch and dinner.

I was very grateful to have my brother in my life because, well, guess what? Without him I would have nobody. Both of my parents died a month before summer started and I had gone into a major depression. This is what caused me to want to lose weight. I had to do something to prove that I actually cared about my life.

Anyway, all I have now is my brother and my best friend Lacey. My brother was my main motivator that kept me going over the summer but I had Lacey's help also. She would come to the gym with me and work out plus she would also run with me and Dylan, my brother, Every morning.

Well a month into the summer, I had lost over 20 pounds and I was extremely happy, so I kept pushing myself harder and harder and well look at me now.

Back to Present................

I now had the curves and the body that every girl wished for. I had curves in all of the right places, a girl six-pack, from working out, nice size breasts and a perfect size butt, which most guys would call a bubble butt, haha.

I hitched my towel up higher on my body and I walked out of the bathroom, into my bedroom and then to my walk in closet. Me and Dylan now live with my rich aunt and uncle in their house. It has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a pool, a 5 five car garage and all of the other things you could wish for.

I sauntered over to my clothes and I picked out my short blue jean skirt, purple and green polka dot, v neck t-shirt, black bra and panties, and a pair of black heels. I usually never wear heels but I want to show my new, toned legs so I guess I'm wearing them today. I am far from a girly girl but yet I'm not afraid to wear a skirt or a dress, but I HATE the color pink, with passion.

I got dressed and then I went back into my bathroom and I blow-dried my long hair and then I let it just go wavy. My looked good wavy so I didn't have to straighten it much. I did my makeup, added shiny lip gloss and then I walked out and over to my queen size bed.

Just as I was about to grab my cell I heard my brother yell from in the kitchen,

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