Katie's P.O.V

''Danny, how long do you need to get dressed luv?'' I shouted to Danny's bedroom. I was sitting on the sofa watching some T.V. He'd been in his bedroom for nearly an hour, getting changed. What is he doing in there? Just as I was about to pick up the remote to changed the program, I heard the door open. So I turned my head, to see Danny leaning on the door frame, in just my red knickers and bra, with his hand on his hip. I couldn't believe my eyes, I sat there in shock for a few seconds, then just burst out laughing. ''Seen as tonight's our last night, before you leave, I thought I'd wear something a bit special'' Danny said, with a massive grin on his face, still leaning on the door frame. ''But its only 10:00 in the morning'' I replied, still unable to fully control my laughter. ''Yes well we've got to get an early start darlin'' said Danny sarcastically. I stood up and walked over to Danny, tying my best to control my fits of laughter. ''So did it take you this long to find my underwear then?'' I said, looking up and down at Danny. ''No, I just had to find the one that suited me best, you know?'' uttered Danny, as he lifted up his pretend boobs with his hands. I began to giggle again, my cheeks started to hurt now, with all the laughing. I placed my hands on the bra and gave Danny's man boobs a quick squeeze. ''I guess we can't let these go to waste then'' I chuckled. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, I quickly turned my head and then faced Danny again. ''You get rid of who ever that is and I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom'' Danny said, before he scuttled off. I nodded but when he turned around I realised he was wearing my red thong, not knickers. My uncontrollable fits of laughter started up again, as I saw his milky white bum cheeks bursting out of the thin material in-between them. He slammed the door quickly and there was another knock at the door, this time louder. So I took a deep breath, before I walked over to the door. ''Oh hi Mark, Glen'' I said to the two men outside Danny's door. ''Hello love, is Dan in?'' Mark asked ''Ughhh Danny, you say, why don't you come in guys and be quiet if you can'' I said quietly. ''So what's going on?'' asked Glen ''Well I've got a little idea...'' I trailed off.

Danny's P.O.V

I was waiting eagerly for Katie to arrive. I thought I'd try and look sexy in her underwear, for a laugh. So I turned myself on my right side, resting my head in my right hand and stared at the door.

''Are you ready for me now Danny?'' said Katie in a seductive voice ''Yes baby, I'm ready'' I replied ''Ok well close your eyes, I've got something a little special for you myself'' uttered Katie through the door. So I closed my eyes, still laying on my side. I heard the door open and footsteps walking toward me. ''Now don't move and keep your eyes closed until I say'' she said ''Alright sweets but hurry up I'm getting excited'' I giggled back. I felt someone behind me smack my arse, luckily it wasn't that hard. ''Playing rough are we babes?'' There was no reply but I was pushed down firmly on my back. Then I felt her climb on top of me and sit at the top of my stomach, she moved her hands underneath my bra and held onto my chest, her hands felt rougher than usual. ''Do you like that baby?'' she whispered. ''Oh yeah, can I open my eyes now?'' I asked ''Not yet'' she replied, with both her rough hands still firmly on my chest, now I felt her hands slide up my legs, all the way to my thong. This girl loves a good tease, I just want to take this bloody underwear off right now an....WHAT'D HELL, Katie hasn't got four hands. I immediately opened my eyes, to see a grinning Mark on top of me. ''AHHHH!'' I cried out ''Oh come on Danny, take me now!'' demanded Mark in a girly voice. I didn't realise Glen behind him, until he howled with laughter. I pushed them both off, stood up and grabbed my quilt to cover myself. ''What the hell d'ya think your doing, ya dirty fuckers!'' I yelled. ''It was Katie's idea'' said Glen, in-between his giggles, as he pointed to the door. Before I could look at her she sprinted off into the living room, sniggering to herself. I abruptly brushed past the guys, trying my best to cover my bum but Mark slapped it and they both roared with laughter. ''Nice thong Danny'' chuckled Mark ''Get off ya cheeky bastard'' I replied, gritting my teeth. When I got to the living room, I could see Katie in the kitchen, by the kettle, with her back faced to me. I could see that her hand was covering her mouth, as she nearly died of laughter. ''Y'all right Dan?'' Katie chirped ''Uh no I'm not actually'' I said. She just continued to giggle. ''Want a cuppa?'' she offered. I rolled my eyes at her and the other culprits, coming out of my bedroom. Cheeky bastards, the lot of um!

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