I did this continuously for about ten years, till one day I realised the magician had not come to replenish the spell. I took a breath and let my numb magic run, for the first time in ten years.

The chains slipped away from my hands and feet, and I stood up, feeling no chains pulling me back. I inhaled freedom at last. I ashed out and reformed in the White Queen's palace.

It was the only place, where I could rest without me being dragged back into the dungeons. I breathed the scent of stale white roses, relishing the scent of old memories and freedom.

I exhaled and found the walls of my mind echo with the White Queen's voice.

"So long, Hatter." she said.

I smiled stupidly and nodded away my tears of joy.

Her voice sterned out and she spoke those words.

"Upon the day the moon doesn't fall, a tragedy shall bring an age of change.

When the day comes that the sky erupts, the banished one shall bring an era of change.

As soon as the sky turns to ice, it shall bring a vicious war.

When the sky is thick with water, a strengthening of bonds shall tend to an era of death.

It shall be the death of soft red hues and those who shall stay by its side."

I stared into darkness as I let that sink in. "A prophecy." I mouthed in ecstasy.

"Yes. I appeared in her dream last moon." The White Queen spoke.

"She will appear tonight in the palace gardens for a walk. You will have to take her to the old deserted barn, and repeat this incantation." she whispered to me.

The incantation vibrated in the insides of my head.

"She will be trapped for eleven days. You will have to immediately leave to your dungeons, to raise no suspicion. After her return, wait for exactly twenty five moons, and then escape with the scroll and execute the rest of the prophecy." she instructed.

I listened in joy.

"My blessings are with you, my son." she pronounced and silence.

My mind had silenced. I looked up at the big white clock, and it was time.

Shuddering in excitement I ashed out and reappeared in the palace gardens.

Right in front of me I saw this slender figure walking slowly in a red night gown.

I took a deep breath and chanted the sleep incantation. I smiled as I heard a thud. I went up close and held her hand and ashed ourselves out and reappeared in the deserted barn.

I dropped her and stared at the being I had brought along. Her face smothered in red lipstick, and evilness, my rage burned through.

I closed my eyes and chanted the spell. I exhaled deeply and opened my eyes, and I was stunned at the sight.

There she was, hanging from the ceiling. Her hands were bound tightly to a hook and her feet were dangling above the ground, tied tightly. Her mouth was gagged tightly too, with an old cloth.

I sighed in satisfaction, and was about to leave, when the White Queen's voice spoke to me.

"Stop." it ordered me and I stopped in my tracks.

"She has a secret pocket stitched on the inside of her night gown. You'll have to remove the night gown off of her and retrieve the object from the pocket. That will lead you to the next part of the prophecy." she instructed.

I hesitantly walked up to the Red Queen and removed the gown off of her and dug in the pocket to find a bangle.

"Leave." I heard from the White Queen.

I dropped the gown on the spot and ashed out and reappeared in the dungeons, as I felt my heart race.

I had stripped the Red Queen and tied her up. It truly felt amazing, yet scary.

I looked down upon my hands and pocketed the bangle.

This all feels so long ago, when it actually just happened 37 moons ago.

I stepped out the car and walked up to the house in complete silence, except for the scuffling of my feet. I unlocked the door, and slowly walked in. I looked around, and everything looked the same.

I exhaled deeply and sat myself on a nearby chair. Everything was going smoothly, until this girl turned up. I had to do something about her. I massaged my forehead, I couldn't possibly let her off in this world, she would go straight to the police, and if I kill her, there's no way Zara would agree to do the quest.

I massaged my forehead, in confusion and it hit me. I could send her off to Underland. I can tie her up in that old barn, temporarily.

I looked up and my heart started thrumming loudly, as I realised. The bedroom door was open. They had escaped!

I quickly stood up and ran to the room, to check. Zara was nowhere to be seen, but the girl Luna was lying limply on the floor, still unconscious. Luna's hair had been undone and her black hair was strewn on the carpet.

"ZARA! COME OUT NOW! OR YOUR FRIEND IS-" I yelled in anger.

"Don't move." she said coming out of the kitchen. She held a knife in her shaky hands.

She progressed slowly towards me. I stood there, steadily.

Now, she was only an inch away from me. I could hear her breathing heavily, and her sweat dripped steadily on the ground.

She dug in her pockets and handed me handcuffs.

"Cuff yourself." she said.

"Don't do this." I said, taking the cuffs from her.

"SHUT UP. JUST SHUT UP!!" she yelled in exasperation.

I grabbed the chance and tipped the knife off her hands. She looked at me in fear and agony, now that she was unarmed.

I tackled her to the ground and handcuffed her hands to the back as swiftly as possible.

I let out a sigh of relief, as I sat back.

"How did you escape?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter." she said.

"Yeah? I'll show you now. I gave you so many chances." I yelled in exasperation.

I stood up on my feet and dusted my clothes.

I grabbed her by her arm and dragged her to the kitchen, in anger. I was sick and tired of her not cooperating.

I took some rope and began binding her legs, when she laughed like a maniac.

"I've already phoned the police." she said smiling.

I looked into her face, furious.

I ground my teeth in anger. Now, I had no other go. I tied her feet tightly, and stood up.

I had to move both of them to Underland.

I went up to the mirror in the bedroom and chanted the incantation leading us to the Queen of Hearts' mirror. The mirror shone bright and flashed and then went off. It was back to normal.

I bit my lip in frustration. The last mirror had also been blocked, meaning the only other mirror left to switch worlds, was the Red Queens' herself, situated in her bedroom.

I took a deep breath and chanted the incantation to the Red Queen's mirror. The mirror flashed and burned bright.

I dragged the unconscious girl's body and pushed her limp body towards the mirror.

I grabbed Zara by her arm, and dragged towards the bed. She looked wide eyed at her mirror.

"What i-" she began, as I duct taped her mouth.

I dragged her near the mirror and pushed her off. She fell in slowly, as she got sucked into the void, with big questioning eyes.

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