Darkness In My Dreams

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I stared off to an abyss of pure darkness. It's the only thing that surrounded me. As hard as I tried to escape, I couldn't seem to find my way out.

My heart rate increases, as voices scream in my ears. It suddenly all stops. Of into the horizon, a dim light appears.

It seems like a false hope but it's worth a shot. I run as fast as my legs would take me. As I grew near the light, it only seemed to glow brighter.

But what puzzled me was that I could see a shadow figure. I suddenly stop, and I could see the figure of a girl.

She had her back towards me. Luscious ebony black hair stopped at her slim waist. Although she was skinny, she had curves.

What is she doing here?

Slowly and carefully, I stepped closer and closer to her. My finger tips hovered above her shoulder as I was going to tap her genlty.

But before I made contact with her, she disappeared into thin air. The screams returned to blast in my ears.

I covered my ears with my hands but it was hopeless since it seemed like the screeches were inside my head.

I threw my head back, up into the light, but it only started to fade. I then felt as if my knees were going to give out but then soon I realized that the ground ,on which I stood on, began to shake uncontrollably.

The light grew smaller but the floor did stop shaking as the voices came to a halt as well.

I tried to control my heavy breathing, but before my breathing settled, the ground broke as if it was made out of thin ice.

I swung my arms frantically seeking for something to hold on to. I yelled for help as I fell deeper and deeper into the abyss, but it was hopeless.

I kept falling and falling until I could no longer see the fragile light anymore. Once again, I was surrounded by darkness...


"Chris," I faintly heard. "Chris," the voice said once more. "Chris!" the voice then yelled out.

I quickly opened my eyes and I sat up in my bed. I looked around my dark room, my eyes fell upon a figure standing in my doorway.

I fell back into my bed once I saw that it was only my mom. A groan escaped my lips and I rubbed my hands over my face.

My head was throbbing as my strange dream came back to me. Despite the fact that it's one of my frequent nightmares, it never ceases to upset me for some reason or another.

"Chris aren't you going to get up?" she said gently. "I am up," I responsed.

"Well aren't you going to get out of bed? For goodness' sake, Chris it's 1 p.m," she said before walked in my room.

She walked toward the curtains and pulled them back, revealing the sunlight.

I hissed as I grabbed the black covers and buried myself beneath them. "Chris you have to get up," she said.

"Mom, seriously, it's Saturday. There is no point in waking up early when it's the weekend," I whined.

Even through I couldn't see her, I physically felt her roll her eyes at me in disappointment.

"Chris, I want to see you downstairs in ten minutes," she said strictly. Ugh was she serious? "I'm serious Chris," she said.

Great, my mom has the magical power to read people's mind.

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