Part 18- They're back

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..It was Mystreet..

No surprise "And here I thought we could go through a day without any one bothering us" I said "What are you doing here?" Sly asked "We came here.. To bring Aphmau back" Aaron said "I thought we were done dealing with this" I said "I GUESS NOT" I said and Laurance turned into his shadow knight form and I sat on the floor since I got weak and Luna started crying "What is making that noise?" Dante asked "The baby" I said "BABY!?" Mystreet screamed then I saw something on Luna's arm, it was her birthmark and it was glowing. That happen's to me and I just started to cradle her but then the pain was gone and I looked at my mom and she was smiling and I smiled back and and mouthed to her thank you and she nodded in reply "She WILL come back to us!" Laurance exclaimed "She will NOT Laurance!! She has her own life you know!" Mika exclaimed "Aaron~Kun don't attack" KC said "What!? Are you out of your mind Kawaii~Chan!" Aaron said "Kawaii~Chan is right Aaron" Lucinda said "Whatever! I'm still doing it!" Aaron said and ran to me and tried to grab me but he got teleported back and I looked at my right and Adam was there in his herobrine form "I think now is a good time you leave" Adam said "W-We won't be doing it again sir" Garroth said and Adam went back to his original form and Jin jumped down from the board where the rules were "Hey" Jin said and hugged me and then mom and dad, then Laurance turned back to his original form "I'm heading home" I said "I'm going with you, you might fall asleep again" Sly said "Huh?" Alex asked as he gave me the medicine ""Jess was taking a stroll with Luna and I guess fell asleep. Luckily I was there and caught her before she fell to the ground" Sly said "Why Sly? Why can't it be me?" Aaron asked "Because I want it to be Sly" I said, then me, Sly and Luna all went outside "I found a beautiful sight to see if you want" I said "Sure" Sly said then I turned around and saw Mika "Don't mind me, I'm taking pictures" Mika said and we walked up to the place. Once we reached there, me and Sly sat on the grass and I set Luna on my lap and secured her with one arm and we watched the sunset. After watching the sunset we went to the Stark tower. When we got to Stark tower, I sat on the sofa as Sly went to the kitchen and cooked food "Jess, what do you want for dinner?" Sly asked "Anything is fine" I said "Okay" Sly said and cooked food then I slept for a while. When I woke up Sly gave me a plate, when I got it, there was steak, rice and breadsticks and he sat beside me and I side hugged him "Thanks for the food" I said "No problem, it's the least I could do" Sly said, I then put my head on his shoulder and ate my food. After eating we watched a bit of Attack on Titan though I got tired and fell asleep

Sly's Pov

In the middle of watching Attack on Titan Jess and Luna fell asleep, they both looked adorable sleeping soundly. I grabbed the plate and went to the sink and washed it and sat on the couch, turned the TV off and fell asleep.

Hey guy's, sorry for this being so long. hope you enjoyed it! Also thank you so much for this book having 1k+ views to this story! You guy's are amazing since I am a shy person irl

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