12:35 AM

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                “Yes Sheriff Brown is in Mabel, but you can understand he is a bit indisposed at the moment… Of course I will tell him of your concerns…Sanford’s fine... you know my son, already at the fair... no problem sweetheart… I’ll be coming in for a bowl of that lovely tomato soup soon, love those floating croutons! Bye honey.”

The bouffant blond typed rapidly as she answered into her headset, her voice calm and soothing despite the multiple blinking hold lights flashing menacingly at her. 

“How you doing Jen? Sure you don’t need some help with those phones?” Sheriff Brown laid down a fresh cup of coffee next to Jen’s computer, watching as the southern belle’s fingers flew across her keyboard.

Jen smiled up at Brown, placing her hand delicately over the mouthpiece. “This ain’t nothing but a little town gossip Sheriff, and I excel at gossip.” She winked a heavily painted eye at him and cheerily answered the next line “Sheriff’s office, how may I assist you? Shelly Carter, how are you love?”

Brown returned her smile and made his way back to his office; stopping just outside his door to look back at a defeated looking deputy in the corner. “Make sure Jen is comfortable James, it’s the least you can do.”

James slowly wagged his head and moved his chair closer to Jen’s desk.

The Sheriff removed his gun belt and sat down in his worn leather chair, massaging his temple as the ring of each new phone call echoed through the office.

“Sheriff, Mayor Huckabee is on the line.” The Deputy stood in the doorway, unable to make eye contact with Brown.

“Tell Jen to pass him through James.”

James nodded his head, but remained in the doorway.

“Sheriff, I honestly did not know news traveled this fast, I would never have…”

Brown raised a palm to stop James midway through his explanation. “Chickens cluck rapidly when they think there is a fox in the hen house, best not to get them going. Now have Jen pass over the Mayor.”

“Yes sir.” James lowered his head.

“Oh and James?”

“Yes sir?” The deputy turned back eagerly.

“Close the door behind you.”

“Yes Sheriff.” James winced as he shut the door silently behind him.

The Sheriff took a deep breath in anticipation and answered the sole lit line on his phone.

“Herman Huckabee, I’m anticipating you are not calling for my wife’s peach pie recipe, she hasn’t even laid yours out yet.”

“This is no time to be forgetting formalities Sheriff, you’re a smart one, you know why I rang.” The gruff voice grumbled.

“Still have to remind myself that you’re the Mayor, keep wanting to call you Herman the Hulk like we did when we were young. Remember that time you nearly took the head off that receiver, picked that boy up like he was nothing but a…”

“Do we have a killer on our hands Ted?” The Mayor’s calm use of his first label stopped Brown mid thought, his pause drawn out longer as he searched for the proper words.

“I don’t know what it is yet Herman.”

“How the hell is everyone chattering about something the town’s own Sheriff can’t explain? I got people leaving Mabel’s calling me in a panic. They’re saying you found a bag of body parts out on old Veteran Bridge.”