Chapter 34

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Angel's POV

I'm pregnant!

Oh god, my dads are going to kill the twins and I'm sure that Jaxson and Stefan won't be really thrilled about that either.

How are we gonna tell them without the twins dying?!?

I just sat there on Xander's lap while the twins had tears of joy streaming down their faces.

They smothered me in kisses and were rubbing my still flat belly.

Don't get me wrong, I was happy about the fact that the twins' child was growing inside of me but I was just worried about everyone's reaction.

I knew that mom and Alyria will be delighted by the idea but my dad and Antonio will most likely murder the twins for getting me pregnant that young.

And yes, I still call Peter and Cindy my parents because that's how I have called them for most of my life and it feels weird to call Alyria and Antonio my parents after all that time.

When I finally broke out of my thoughts, we were sitting in our room on our bed.

Xander was sitting behind me so that my back was resting on his chest and he was gently massaging my shoulders. Xavier was sitting in front of us. He was holding my sides and nuzzling my stomach with his nose, the shirt on me had been lifted up.

He was... talking to my tummy while peppering it with kisses.

"Don't worry baby, we're going to take care of you and mommy. Nothing is going to happen to either of you under daddies' watch. We love you already, try not to kick mommy too much once you get bigger."

He pressed a final kiss to my belly button and slid the shirt back onto my stomach.

Xavier looked up at me and smiled.



"Oh thank god." He sighed in relief. "You were zoned out for so long."

"Sorry, did I miss something important the doctor said?"

"No not really. You're having a check up in a few weeks, we can probably know the gender too by then."

"What?? But they'll be only like, a few weeks old."

He chuckled and I could feel Xander's chest vibrating too in silent laughter.

"We know but with us being Alphas, our children will develop faster."





"I can still walk around, right?"

They looked at me like I had suddenly grown a pair of horns on my head.

"Absolutely not!"

"But why not?" I whined. Surely they aren't serious?!

"Because you could trip over something and hurt yourself or the baby and even if you didn't stumble into something - which is very unlikely, might I add - then it would tire you and you're going to need all of your energy. Hence why, you're not walking until that baby is born."

"WHAT?!? ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY CRAZY?!?? You expect me to just sit around for NINE MONTHS?!?"

"Of course not."

"Oh thank go-"

"Your pregnancy won't last that long, it will probably be only four to five months."

"Why would it be that short?"

"As I already said, us being Alphas makes the child grow faster. Actually any werewolf pregnancy will last only six to seven months at the most."

"But what if the one who carries them is a human?"

"It won't change it. If at least one person in the pair is a wolf then the child will grow faster than a normal human child."

"But what about elves?"

"We don't really know much about elves but we think it's they're like humans in that aspect."


"What is it? Is something wrong, Angel?! What hurts? Do we need to see the doctor?! Is so-"

"Calm down! Nothing is wrong. Calm down. It's just are you sure that the pregnancy is that short?"

"Umm, yes we're pretty sure. Why?"

"Oh, thank goddess! I won't have to sit for nine months then!"

They chuckled.

"No you won't have to sit for nine months. You'll only have to sit for four, maybe five months." Xavier smirked at me as he said that.

I huffed out a breath and laid my head on Xander's chest.

They laughed and kissed my temples, Xander's hands finding their way around my waist onto my stomach.

I stilled when the thought came to my head once again. The twins felt my distress and went into panic mode again, firing questions at me.

"Angel? Is something wrong?? What is it, do we need to call the doctor?! Calm down Angel everything's going to be okay, just stay calm!"

They were both near hysterical by now. Hypocrites.

"No no no! I was just wondering how are we going to tell everyone about it without you guys being murdered by my fathers. And brothers."

"Oh." They were now as calm as cucumbers.

How can they be so calm when they know most of my family will try to send them six feet under when we tell them about me carrying their child??

They were about to get a heart attack just a second ago and that was just when I stiffened!

"We'll worry about that when we tell them, don't you worry your pretty little head with that, baby angel."

Xavier kissed my forehead and took my hands in his, smiling at me reassuringly.

"I'm hungry." I said out of the blue, remembering that we hadn't eaten breakfast.

Their eyes widened to the size of saucers, it was really funny to look at and I almost burst out laughing. Almost.

Xavier hopped off the bed and waited for Xander to hand me to him. Once I was in his arms bridal style, Xan hopped off the bed too and they were off to the kitchen.

Reaching the kitchen everyone I knew was there. And that means that there were my two families, the twins' parents, Lisa, Landon and Chris, whose arms were around Jaxson's waist.

"Hi guys!" I chirped happily.

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