im dropping the first parts of diversity

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Umm as you see I unpublished this story I'm starting over. And Im going to drop The first parts of diversity and it will just be the warning featured Songs it will be more add to that list latter on and the first chapter and characters. Now Mafia Boss will be up again when I finish rewriting it no negativity will be allowed on my platform if so you'll be muted and reported I don't care I don't care I DONT CARE. When I get through with the story and all the chapters are written in the drafts I will publish them during the weekend or maybe early it depends. I know your probably tired of me with these a/n and all that I'm trying to keep you updated as much as possible and after Diversity is done it might be a sequel depend on how far I'm taking it. Now for this story Mafia Boss everything is going to change. First the names the characters s being played age description everything but the siblings and family members are the same and the exes everything I'm starting a new but I'm dropping it to night so be on the look out for my new story diversity love you guys

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