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"Let me carried you to your room"  I said and and pick her up bridal style

"But i have to clean all that mess!" Stacy said with sad face

"No! I will clean it! And please don't tell my mom what you saw" I said as i carried her out the bathroom

"Ok!" She simply said

I got her into her room and placed her on her bed. She look sad. I kissed her forhead.

"Wait! Can you put the covers on and give me my teddy?" Stacy said

Of course she can't doit herself and i am an idiot that forgot that she is injured. I walked to her night table and grabbed her teddy. I saw a diary there. It caused me curiosity. I looked at her she have her eyes close. I set her teddy in her arms and cover her up. She open her eyes and a tear ran down her cheek.

"You alright minion?" I asked

"It hurts alot" she said with a shaky voice

"Want a pain kill?" I asked

"But mom said i can't drink pain kills unless i get on period" she said

"I wont tell her! It will be our secret ok?" I said

I need to give her something she can't sleep with that pain. i walked to my room carefully. I got advil liquid gel and walked down stairs to the kitchen. I got a glass of water. And when i was walking up stairs i heard some laughs... "shit" mom got home and Pamela is with her. They were out doing grocery shopping and Mateo Pamela's husband is working.

I ran up and got into Stacy's room as fast as i could.

"Minion drink it fast our mom's are home" i said

She drink the pills and i got the glass and walked out her room. I close the door and as fast as i could i carefully cleaned the mess. Mom walked up stairs and saw the bag of trash i have in my hand.

"Since when you take the trash out without telling you?" Mom asked

"I just accidently let a glass fall to my room floor and it breaks so i clean it and i have to take this bag out so nobody get cut" i said

"Where is Stacy?" Pamela asked as she comes up stairs

"Sleeping!" i said walking down stairs

"Booh!" I heard and i got scared

"Hell!" I shot and turned around to see it was my best friend Zack

"The fuck man? You gonna give me a heart attack!" I shot

"Relaxxxx maaann! Hey... Hanna hava party tonight ask yo ma to let ya come dude!" He said

"No thanks! I hate that bitch..." I said

"Duuude! She iz a 10 that gal iz hooot!"  He said

"You been smocking?" I asked

"Yeeeah man! I gotta go then!" he said and left

I went back inside and mom was stood on the door. I got and in she looked at me. I lock the door behind me and she looked down. "Oh No!" Something is wrong with her

"Ma! You ok?" I asked and hugs her

"We need to talk Jowell Anoa'i" she said

"You called me by my name is serious right?" I asked as i let her go

she walked to the kitchen and i follows her. She looked at me and a tear ran down her cheek

"Ma... Please tell me who make you cry" I said and wiped the tear away

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