Paid to Write

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"I'm paid to write," she says with a grin.
It's her job, and she loves doing it.
She's hired, told her topic; then
She researches, writes her bit.

"Online articles, you know."
She earns one, maybe two cents per word.
Real estate really is not that exciting.
She should earn much more, she's been assured.

But how?  More with web content writing?
It's the worst-paid job, you know.
If she knew how, she'd gladly earn more.
But in the flurry of finding work,

Or working, of deadlines, and such chores,
On helpful sites she can only lurk.
She is learning more, you know.
It'll take time, with none to teach her,

But she is willing, which is a start.
She'll learn, slowly, where pays better,
And, in the meantime, better her art.
Writing isn't easy, you know.


inspired by some of the author's experiences as a newbie freelance writer

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