Last Sacrifice chapter eight part 1

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Chapter 8-

I see a field and then I see like a light radiating off of one person. I look more and see it's Lissa. How could Lissa be in my dreams she didn't even know how to do that.

"Hay Rose look what I learned!" She motioned around her. Then she ran and hugged me.

"That's great Lis but how?"

"I just thought about it really hard."

"Wow!" I couldn't believe it I was so proud of her and I couldn't wait to tell Dimitri.

"Now missy I have a few questions for you. Like what do you think your doing with Dimitri in his room?"

"Ah are you stalking me too!?" How did everybody know this I just got back.

"Nope Christen seen you and Dimitri walk into the guys dorm together so I figure that your together.'

"Um yup actually I was having a really nice dream about him until you rudely interrupted it."

"Eww didn't need to know that." She said with a gross look on her face but you could tell she was hiding a smile.

"So anywho I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I'm out of jail. Free to roam with two guards."

"I know I heard."

"Sorry I came to tell you but you weren't here."

"Oh well I've been busy today. With Christen."

"Eww please no don't make me think about that."

"So I can't wait to tell Adrian about this."

That sort of hit a sore spot. I didn't want to think about Adrian.

"Um can I go back to what I dreaming before please?"

"Why don't you want to see me?"

"Yes but I don't want to talk about Adrian."

"Why? Did you break up with him for Dimitri?"

"No I didn't and I got this."

I showed her my wrist and she gasped.

Author Note/

Okay this is not the end of this chapter but I have to finish it later Mama's orders!

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