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**"Rick, I think this is it

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"Rick, I think this is it. What we've been searching for since the prison" you said to a brooding rick.

He still hadn't showered or changed his clothes. He just stared out the window with his hands on his hips. He hadn't said much either.

"We can't be so sure" he finally replied.

"There are good people still, I'm feeling it here"

"You don't have the weight of the whole group, do you? If this is bad, If I screw up, it's on me. If people die, it's on me. I can't just settle in" he said, turning around to you.

"No one would blame you, Rick. We're all in this, if someone gets a bad vibe, they'll make it known. We're a family Rick, we all take the blame. Take a shower and relax a little and then you can brood some more"

"Yeah, sure" he nodded and talked off to the bathroom.

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