Into the Isle

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A voice penetrated my mind, interrupting my sleep. I don't know about you, but I do not appreciate my sleep being interrupted. I pulled my dark green blanket over my head and shut my eyes tighter.


Still, the voice persisted.



I sat bolt upright, my eyes flying open. I looked around the room in a panic.

"What, what? Who is it?"

"Sheena, it's me, Carlos! Remember? We have to leave for the Isle now before everyone wakes up!"

Carlos was standing next to my bed, with one hand still on my shoulder. Instantly, everything that had occurred yesterday came flooding back. Ben being captured by Uma. Mal coming up with a plan to get him back. Her agreeing to let me help them with the plan. And then... preparing to leave for the Isle!!

Instantly, I jumped out of bed, making Carlos jump. Of course! We were leaving to go on our trip to the Isle today! How could I have forgotten? Looking around the room, my eyes landed on my clock. It read 4:30. Wait, 4:30? That couldn't be right- could it? It was too early! Confused, I turned back to Carlos, who still had a startled look on his face.

"4:30?" I asked. "Why are we leaving at 4:30? That's way too early!"

Carlos shook his head and chuckled. "You sure are an Auradonian, aren't you? You don't know anything about sneaking around. We have to sneak out if we're going to the Isle, but if we head down to the shore in the middle of the morning, people are gonna get suspicious. We have to leave early so we can be gone before anyone wakes up. That way, we won't be caught."

"Oh." I immediately felt stupid. Of course we had to leave at 4:30! We couldn't just sneak across Auradon at 10 in the morning, we'd be caught! "Sorry, Carlos. I'm still kinda new to this whole VK thing." Embarrassed, I turned and walked over to my bathroom to start getting ready. Carlos laughed again.

"It's ok, Sheena. You have about 15 minutes to get ready. Just hurry up and get dressed, and meet us outside the building in 15, ok?"

I grinned. "Got it. See you guys soon."

He nodded and turned, heading back through my door and into the halls of Auradon Prep. I noticed he was already dressed. Wow, these VKs are really used to this kind of stuff, I thought to myself. Grabbing an outfit from my white, fancy dresser, I turned and headed into the bathroom connected to my dorm.

10 minutes later, I emerged from the bathroom, ready to go. I had replaced my Auradon Prep pajamas with a black hoodie and dark green jeans. To complete the look, I had on a pair of black sneaker wedges. My green hair had been brushed and combed up into a high ponytail. I had no time brush my teeth, but who cared about that? I hurried into my dorm, grabbing a green drawstring backpack from my desk that I had packed last night. Slinging it over my shoulder, I took one last glance at my fancy, perfect dorm room before opening the door and tiptoeing out into the dark hallways.

Walking down the silent halls of Auradon Prep, I headed toward the stairway that would take me down to the first level. As I walked down the stairs, hearing only the sounds of my sneakers on the wood, I felt a thrill of excitement as I realized what I was doing. Sneaking out of Auradon to save a king-and get my first glimpses of my birth home- was something I would have never thought about doing a year before. But the times had changed a lot, hadn't they? Stealthily creeping over to the main doorway, I quietly pushed the door. It creaked open slowly. My friends had probably left the door unlocked for me after they had crept out themselves. I opened the door all the way and slipped out into the outdoors. Taking a deep breath of the early morning Auradon air, I gazed toward the horizon. The sun had just started to rise in the east, the blazing yellow light creeping over the mountains in the distance. It was a truly breathtaking sight, and I stopped for a moment to take it in. I had never been out this early before. The beauty of the sunrise sent adrenaline pumping through my body, renewing my excitement from the night before. This was it. I was actually doing this. I could hardly believe it.

"Hey, Sheena! Over here!"

The sound of someone whispering my name almost made me jump out of my skin. Wheeling around, I sighed with relief as I realized it was only my friends, also dressed and ready to go. Mal had somehow stolen a limo, and had now parked it in front of Auradon Prep, ready to take off.

"Sweet ride!" I whispered gleefully as I walked up to my friends. Jay was already at the wheel, with Mal about to get in the passenger seat. That left the back for Carlos, Evie, and I, and we climbed in. Slamming the door, Evie positioned herself next to me. Carlos was on the other side of me.

"Are we all ready?" Jay called from the drivers seat.

"You bet!" Evie cried, and the rest of us cheered in unison.

"Then let's get this party started!" Jay yelled, and slammed on the gas. The limo lurched forward, and Jay directed it towards the shore. It was official. We were on our way to the Isle of the Lost!

As the limo cruised toward the shore, I peacefully watched the buildings of Auradon pass by. Sighing contentedly, I realized my eyelids were drooping. It couldn't help it, I was exhausted. I hadn't woken up any earlier than 8 ever before. Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos were chatting away, but I couldn't join in, I was too tired. Before I knew it, I was drifting off into a much-needed sleep...


A mighty sound filled my ears, and I jerked awake. My friends all yelled in excitement as golden flecks whizzed by outside the car. Ahead of us, a huge golden ramp was stretching out, farther and farther. Were we...? Yes, we were! We were driving above the ocean!

Yelling in fear, I leaped to my feet, but my seat belt jerked me back. Luckily, Evie pulled me back before I could cause Jay to swerve off the ramp and kill us.

"Sheena, it's ok, calm down!" she cried. "It's the magical barrier between Auradon and the Isle. It's opening up and letting us pass. I've experienced this once before, and it's kinda scary, but you get used to it."

This calmed me down. All I could do was nod at my friend as I watched the ramp stretch out longer and longer as we drove farther and farther. Finally, a huge bubble- looking thing enveloped us, and I heard another big WOOSH!

"What was that?" I questioned, still a little freaked out.

Mal looked back at me. "That was the barrier. Since we are traveling from Auradon, it automatically lets us through. We're in."

I gasped. We were in. Obviously, this didn't come as a surprise, but the very fact that we had arrived at my birthplace left me in awe. I couldn't believe it. After sixteen years of my life, I was finally experiencing the sight of my origins. I squealed with joy as I took my first glances around the area.

It was dark. It was dirty. It was run-down. There wasn't very much to see. But I was excited anyway. The second Jay parked the car, my friends and I rushed out. Evie, Jay, and Carlos crowded around in a circle, taking in the sight of their former home.

"Seems weird being back here," Evie stated.

"We'll get in and get out," Jay promised. Evie nodded.

I walked ahead, gasping in awe. I jumped as I felt the touch of Mal's hand on my shoulder. I looked back at her and saw she had a strange smile on her face. I could tell she felt weird being back here, too.

"Everything you thought it would be?" Mal asked quietly.

"I don't know what I was expecting," I replied. " I know this is hardly that much to see, but this is so cool to me. Thank you so much for bringing me, Mal. That means a lot."

Mal smiled and nodded. "Yup, you're here now, Sheena. Welcome to the Isle of the Lost."

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