6: Can't erase the other one, So we waste each other

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     "I still don't get why  you went on a date with him!"Sisky states, baffled by the thought of Gabe  Saporta, Pete Wentz's best friend, going on a date.

     "What's so hard to understand?" William asks him, "We just went on a date, and he kissed  me." William takes a drink of Sisky's coffee after saying the words, waiting for Sisky to process what he's just heard.

     Sisky rolls his eyes,  "Don't go giving away your virtue, Beckett." Sisky mutters, turning the steering wheel as they pull into the school.

     Walking out of the car,  Sisky can sense William is annoyed, and instantly regrets his words.  Sisky hugs William from the side, "Bill, I didn't mean to be like that."  Sisky says quietly in William's ear, William shrugs it off.

     "It's  alright Sisky." William says, looking at his almost-brother.

     Mr. Hoppus has two rules for his class: Don't yell, and no phone calls. William Beckett managed  to break both of those rules in the 2 weeks he's attended school. Pete  broke them the first day, while Gabe broke it the first hour, William  assumes.

     Joe is explaining to Mr. Hoppus why Paul Mccartney definitely died in the 70s in a car crash, and that Ringo Starr is borderline insane, Joe says the evidence is in Ringo's tweets.

     "Mr. Trohman, this has nothing to do with the 80s as a musical decade, and just because-"

     "Mr. Hoppus, I had the  flu! It's not my fault I wasn't here!" Joe exclaims, he looks at Tom, the only kid in the school who had the flu before Joe, "This is your  fault!" Joe yells to the blonde boy across the room, pointing a finger.

     "Joseph!" Mr.Hoppus snaps, "Go outside, you'll come back when we do the coursework." He crosses his arms as Joe leaves the classroom. As the door shuts Mr. Hoppus sighs, "Who knows about 80s music?" He asks.

     Ashlee stops writing down on her paper, "Madonna!" She said to Mr.Hoppus.

     Pete scoffs, "Pearl Jam!" 

     Mr. Hoppus shakes his head "Pearl Jam was in the 90s, Wentz," Mr.Hoppus  says to Pete. Gabe walks in, jacket half on, black T-shirt and blue  jeans on, looking like a hot mess.

     Gabe starts making his way to his desk, Pete rolls his eyes at the younger boy.

     "Mr. Saporta..." Mr. Hoppus starts, "Where have you been?" He asks, Gabe plops down next to William, getting a glance.

     "I was at band practice, Mr.Hoppus," Gabe says. He's reaching into his backpack for coffee, William is looking at the drink intently, while Hoppus blabs on about how Joe's coming back in the classroom and conspiracy theories shouldn't be talked about whilst Joe's in the class.

     "You want some, Angel?"  Gabe asks, holding out the cup of coffee for him.

     William smiles, "Yeah, thanks." William takes the cup and takes a few sips of it. Mr. Hoppus smiles at the two.

     "Gabriel, no public displays of affection in my class, please." He ask.!William scoffs, while Gabe smiles dumbly at William.

     "I would never," William  laughs.

     Pete becomes interested in the conversation, "How was your date?" Pete asks, changing the subject. Suddenly the whole class became  attentive.

      "We aren't talking about this," William says. Gabe shakes his head, putting his arm on William's shoulder.

     William groans, "We went to New York," William yells to the whole class, "It was nothing! We just sat on the steps and talked."

     Gabe laughs, "You tell 'em, Angel." Gabe whispers the teasing encouragement in William's ear, getting some looks from Hoppus.

     "Gabe! What did I say about public displays of affections in my class!" Mr.Hoppus ask and a select few in the class laugh.

     "Mark!" Gabe says, challenging the teacher, making Mr.Hoppus's eyes go wide. "What did I tell you about controlling your class?" Gabe says, Mr.Hoppus raises his eyebrows, crossing his arms.

     "Go to the principal, and tell Trohman to come back inside, Saporta."

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