Playlist of Pure Awesomeness

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It's short, but its amount of awesomeness is squeezed into this lil package.

1. Heavy Prey (feat. Geno Lenardo) by Lacey Sturm

2. The Soldier by Lacey Sturm

3. What's This? (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)  cover by Flyleaf

4. Something I could never Have by Lace Sturm

5. Falling Inside the Black by Skillet

6. Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

7. Immortals by Fall Out Boy

8. Waving Through a Window (from Dear Evan Hansen) cover by Owl City

9. Warriors by Imagine Dragons

Over half of these songs are from movies, and I'm beginning to think that some of the best songs are on movie soundtracks... 

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