Episode Nine - This Is The Voice

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Seb disappeared soon after our talk and I worried at first that maybe he regretted offering me an open door. Taking on my drama was more than enough for anyone. I contemplated leaving the room the way I'd come in, but before I could put my plan into action, Seb walked back into his room carrying spare blankets and a pillow.

"I just let Mom know you're here. She's making dinner."

I nodded and look toward the door. "I should go help or something."

I went to leave the room but Sebastian shook his head.

"No, she won't let you even if you offer." He placed the blankets down on the bed. "Besides, I think you deserve a chance to sit back and be the one taken care of for a change.."

I sighed and looked down at the floor. I was too tired to argue.

My eyes drifted to the spot where Sebastian had been sitting just after I'd so foolishly kissed him all those years ago. Warmth washed over me and I lifted my fingers to my mouth.

"Tell me what you're thinking." Sebastian murmured., breaking my concentration, I let my hand fall back to my lap and looked up at him again. He'd asked me the same question numerous times before, standing in the same spot with the same look on his face, only back then my life was different. Sometimes I'd been thinking about school, sometimes I'd been thinking about what to have for dinner. This time though I was thinking about him.

"I'm thinking that the last time I was in your room it was the worst day of my life. Up until then anyway."

And yet somehow, parts of it had also made it the best.

"I know, it wasn't my favorite day either."

I closed my eyes. "Enough thinking." I exclaimed loudly, shunting the unwelcome thoughts from my head. "Let's watch a movie."


If going to the carnival had been a trip down memory lane then our movie sesh in his room was us attempting to move back in. It was nice just to forget everything for a bit, but I couldn't quite quieten the worry brewing within me.

I'm not sure what time we fell asleep, I just know that when my body clock woke me at 6am it felt like it had only been a couple of hours. Still those few hours of sleep had been some of the best I'd had in ages.

"Shit." I grumbled sitting bolt upright. Sebastian was still on the futon beside the bed. His eyes opened sleepily and he gazed up at me.

"All good Em?"

"Work." I frowned. "I better go get ready."

Sebastian's frown matched mine "Oh, okay."

"Thanks for last night." I replied, aware as I spoke that it probably sounded weird. I shook off the awkwardness and climbed out of Sebastian's Bed.

"Anytime Em."

I walked to Sebastian's door, but before I could leave his half asleep voice cut through the air.

"When do you start?"

"7am." I replied automatically. I turned and looked back at him as he propped himself up on his hand.

"I'll give you a ride." He offered.

"I have a car." I mused. Sure it was old and in great need of a service I couldn't afford... but it did it's job.

"Let me give you a ride. Please, besides I could go for some bacon and eggs anyway."

I let out a frustrated sigh. I couldn't be bothered arguing with Sebastian, while he was half asleep or otherwise. I shrugged and placed my hand over the door handle.

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