I'd Rather Be In Love With...You. Part 4

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"Who said there was any god?" I jumped to the left to see a....emo? She wore a long black dress that had a split down from her hip down. She had covered herself in white blush and wore black lipstick with purple eye shadow. Ok I know this is gonna sound stupid but I was actually scared at that moment. I've never really known an emo. "Sandra," She said removing one of her hands from her hip and extending it to me. She had panted her nails black ages ago due to the fact that they looked as though the colour was pilling off.

"Hey, I'm Fay. Nice to meet you," I said smiling and shaking her hand excitedly. She rolled her eyes back in her head and turned to walk over to her side of the room.

"Ok I took the left side so....You're stuck with the right side, first come, first serve. Anyway I have rules if this is gonna work." Ok I can do rules. She finished unpacking as she talked and I just sat on the edge of my bed taking in all of her rules, also....the right side looked the best, she must have moved my stuff over here cause the boxes where chucked onto my bed and the suitcases where thrown on my side of the floor.

"First, you do NOT under any circumstances TOUCH my stuff. Second, you NEVER wake me up on a Saturday. Third you NEVER invite anyone to stay on my beds from Monday to Tuesdays because I will be sleeping at my boyfriends. Fourth," she dusted her hands together and walked over to me. Her dark black hair falling over her blue eyes, "You DON'T ever touch me when I'm asleep, ok?" I nodded taking in everything, she talked really fast....wait! What was the last thing she said? "Good!" she yelled and then left me alone in the room.

I sat there confused. She thinks I'm lesbo? I shrugged my shoulders and started to unpack. We both had a window above our beds and one in the middle. Two brown wardrobe, two single beds, two bedside tables, one small shelf where we can sit to stare out the window, two dressing tables with draws and shelf's on our side of the beds where we can place books. Also there was a mini fridge at the corner of the room.

I was finally done unpacking and shoved the boxes along with the suitcase under my bed. I should go explore and find out where the bathrooms and things are. I changed from my knee length purple skirt into baggy blue hip hanging jeans and a red shirt with the first two buttons undone, yes I took some of my sister's pointers.

I grabbed my shoulder bag throwing it over my shoulder and grabbed the mini map I placed on the desk.

The noise had died down and.....people actually smile at me!

Ok so the bathroom was at the end of the room. The lunch room was in the other building facing the park and the other set of dorm rooms was the opposite building. I think I need some air for some random reason, plus I can go see the outside too!

I was looking down at the map, trying to figure out which turn I take to get to the football pitch, I really want to see some of the schools games, that I didn't see another girl walking straight in to me. She bashed into me causing me to lose balance and fall back, her bag and books fell to the floor and she let out a gasp not caring about her stuff as she ran over to me extending her hand for me to take.

"I.AM.SO.SORRY!" I made a sort of moaning noise and took her hand holding the other to my bag and map, "I was trying to find, 'Chester's dorm' that I didn't see you! I am really sorry," I looked up to see....I don't mean this in a bad way, but a dorky, geeky looking girl....but really ditch the glassed and she would actually look really cute, plus let the long brown hair flow free.

She had dark green eyes and wore a pink dress with yellow flowers on it. She wore sandals exposing her yellow coloured toe nails. She looked nice. She bent down to pick up her books and I helped, she was also wearing big round granny glasses and something in her eyes told me she knew exactly what I had been through, she looked as though this was a new start and she just screwed it up, as though people also made her life hell in high school. When I bent down and started helping her she just stopped and looked at me with shock in her features.

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