I'd Rather Be In Love With...You. Part 4

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Part 4

I walked up to the big billboard in the middle of the grey pavement and read the different coloured papers indicating different times for different events. Hmm, I've got everything I need so I guess it's time to go to my room and meet my roommate! Nah, I have a feeling things are gonna go really bad.

I sighed and pushed those feelings aside. I walked to the first building facing the other one and climbed down the stairs to the double red doors. Alongside the stairs trailing down on each side where trimmed bushes covering the bottom floor....so basically the bottom windows. The place only had concrete where you had to walk to get from building to building but apart from that it was all grass and billboards.

I placed my hand on one of the doors and was about to push it open when I heard a soft moan come from my right. By instinct I looked to see a blond in her pink bra pinned up against the wall in between two windows. The guys hand was up her skirt and every time they pulled away he...smirked! I know I should have looked away but....I didn't. The girl giggled as she knotted her arms around his neck and he smiled pulling away from her lips, his hands now resting on her hips. EWE! I mentally screamed in my head, and outside in PUBLIC too!

Well looks like those bushes come with an advantage, oh god, this means every time I need to get to my dorm I'm gonna see or hear this.....CRAP!

I cleared my throat and the girl turned her head and stared daggers at me, but the guy just looked his smile dying down a bit but he was still amused. "What!?!" She asked in more of a dangerous voice. I was gonna speak when the guys mouth widening caught my eye, he was smiling again and finding this....entertaining!?! I would have thought he would be just as anxious to get on with his make out session like the blonde bimbo.

Ok I shouldn't have anything against her but the whole way she is obviously one of those posh sluts, I know one when I see one, trust me, years of knowing!

It was the first time since I saw them make out that I really focused on the guy who most probably asked her to do all this in the first place.

He wore faded black jeans with a white baggy top and the collar turned up around his neck. You could just see that he wasn't just muscular but had a great six pack. His skin was a natural tanned bronze that let his hazel eyes show perfectly. He wore his short black hair spiked up at the top giving him more of the bad look. His bottom lip was plumper then the top and for a second I actually understood why anyone would want to kiss those lips if not suck on them!

Ugh! I'm actually talking about a boy this way! Huh, I'm getting into her mind.

But his look wasn't the thing to draw me in, nah it was the fact that he looked so familiar but....I just can't put my darn finger on it!

"Uh hello!?!" I pulled my eyes away from his only to be looking back at the slut. "God the new kids are such perverts, do you mind just getting lost now!" I simply nodded and pushed open the door, but before I stepped into the building I heard the guy chuckle and at the same time telling the girl to 'Come over here'. Great! I'm going to a sex crazed school! How wonderful! NOT!

Ah! Shit! I forgot to stand up for myself! Pathetic I know, but really when you spend as much time as me being kicked around you'll get what I'm saying.

I sighed and made my way up the stairs to the fourth floor. Ok from floor two and up....it's PACKED! "Excuse me," I said trying to be heard over the chatters and music. I squeezed through people and was actually banged against the wall TWICE!

Room 38! It took two go's to try and open the door with key when finally I managed it. I slammed myself against the door as soon as it closed and shut my eyes taking in a deep breath, "Thank god," I whispered opening my eyes.

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