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Date Started : April 19 , 2014

Date Ended : - - -

Status : On-going (Being rewritten)

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When destiny starts to flow. Fate will also go.

When she discovers that she's more than just what she is, her life will change.

In an academy where she was transferred to fit in, she will meet new friends, and a boy who will set her heart on fire.

She will unveil secrets and experience challenges,

In an academy where unexplainable things exist, magic will reign, where good and evil will clash.

She will be thrown off in a world full of mysteries and fantasies.

Problems will pile up and decisions will be hard to make, because when you're in a world full of magic? Logic would be the least of your worries.

Follow Cleralyssa as she journey into a world where magic exist.

Mage Academy.

A school where magic exist.

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