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FREYA MAJORS HAD goals. She planned everything down to the millisecond of her life. Everything had its time and place. The girl had been that way ever since she was young. Her parents sent her to primary school and she came back from the first day claiming that she would be the class leader for the remainder of the year. Her large backpack lugged around every material she could possible carry. Namoi, her mother would have to secretly take things out during the night so she wouldn't tip right over in the morning. Freya knew what she wanted, and took it.

When Finnick, her older brother decided that he wanted to be called Finn, Freya took it upon herself to singlehandedly make sure no one ever called him that. The two were always bickering about something, wether it be whose toy was who's or who broke Dads watch. They just couldn't seem to find common ground. The little girl wasn't exactly "well-mannered" she would fire back at her brother and had no hesitation in speaking up.

Freya had a control problem, she always needed to have a say in what was going on and when. This started at a young age, mostly just not letting other kids use her toys or taking over just about everything.

Unpredictability was her downfall.

So when her mother, Naomi was diagnosed with cancer Freya's life turned upside down. The blonde remembered the day her parents came home and sat them down, Freya didn't quite comprehend what was going on. Finnick however being the older sibling tried to keep his worry off his face. Their parents told them that their mother had cancer. She didn't have long, and that's what Freya knew. She just couldn't understand why it had to be her Mum. Freya could no longer control that aspect of her life. The girl was helpless. She wasn't a doctor, she didn't have medicine to fix her. So she began to write, she would write to her Mother's doctors. Asking them to fix her and suggesting different treatments she had researched online. 24 hours a day of Freya's life were in constant worry.

Both Majors children took their mothers illness differently, Freya spent her time trying to fix her, make her well again. While Finnick kept to himself, isolation. But the one who took it the hardest was Greyson Majors. Having his wife sick took quite the toll on him. He was now their only source of income, so extra stress was placed on his shoulders. Between paying for cancer treatments and paying for two kids, there wasn't much wiggle room for the family. Having a moody teenager and demanding daughter certainly didn't make it easier.

Freya and Finnick would continue to bicker and fight more as their mother was in the hospital. The impact of not having a mother at home was beginning to take its toll. Their stress was taken out on each other. Finnick would get frustrated with Freya's writing, claiming it wasn't going to help, no one would listen to an 8 year old. Freya fought back saying just sitting in his room wasn't helping. This just stressed Greyson and Naomi out more. Naomi hated her children fighting more than anything, but being confined to a hospital bed she couldn't do much to stop it. The family felt helpless in every aspect of their life.

Valentine's Day was when Naomi passed, Freya was 9, Finnick 15.

It hit Finnick like a truck when she died, they had an extremely close bond and losing her was the hardest thing he had ever experienced. It changed him. He went from an angry and isolated teen who disliked his sister, to a man. Finnick decided to help out wherever he could, Greyson was working to support them.

He began to protect Freya like a hawk, always watching her and making sure she was doing the right thing. Freya resembled her mother, taking care of her for Finnick was a way of coping with his loss. Finn called it "brotherly", Freya called it "psycho freak". She secretly loved the sudden attention however, as her dad became more distant. The man who was never without a smile on his face, found himself slowly unraveling. Grayson put on a strong face for his children, but inside he was crying for help. He just didn't know what to do. He was lost.

Freya never stopped writing after her mothers death, if anything it gave her something to work for. If she couldn't help her mother, she was determined to help others. Finnick finally tolerated her obsessive writing, and even stopped for an interview every once in a while. Grayson seemingly got back on his feet, happier than he had been in the year since his wife had passed. Freya finally felt like her life was coming back together after their tragic loss.

Writing seemed to be an escape for Freya, in more ways than one. She began to black out for periods at a time, that confined her to her room whenever she wrote, it started the day after she turned eleven. She didn't want to worry her father or brother with her "episodes", so she would pretend to be busy or taking a nap. When she came out of her haze she would find paragraphs written down. At first she didn't really understand what or who she was writing about. She didn't pay much mind to it. She just got urges to write and would retreat to her room. She started reading what she wrote about a month in. They seemed like stories to her, the future and what hasn't happened. She didn't have a name of whose stories she was writing, but she knew he was a boy and apparently he had his mothers eyes. That came up a lot when she wrote about him. The first thing she read after blacking out was about his birthday, oddly enough his eleventh. Some burly man brought him a cake for his birthday. It was in an old shack on the water, secluded off of a shore. It ended with some boy having a pig tail.

Then strange things began to happen. Freya found herself moving objects without even going near them. At first she didn't really notice the slight things happening around her, until one day the Majors family was eating breakfast. As siblings do, the Major siblings were engaged in a morning disagreement. It was the last day of school and Freya was voicing how she wasn't particularly excited for school to end. Finnick however decided to open his mouth and tell their father about a boy in Freya's class, suggesting it was a reason for her discontent. A boy that Freya unadmittingly was quite fond of. Their father immediately began questioning his daughter, which only angered Freya more. The whole debacle lasted for a few minutes until Freya got so angry she could barely stand it. Lucky for Finnick they were having porridge for breakfast and it had since gone cold. Unlucky for Finnick, it miraculously exploded in his face and was now dripping down his clothes.

That was when Freya finally took notice. Grayson was quite shocked by the incident and forced Freya to stay home and miss her last day of school.

So Freya did what she did best. Wrote.

She spent the day researching and writing every possible reasoning for what had happened at their breakfast table. She had come up with some explanations like, a ghost did it, Finnick was stupid and did it himself...

Alas, nothing satisfied the young girls curious mind.

That was until two weeks later. An elderly woman showed up at the Majors doorstep saying she was a witch. Finnick laughed, while Grayson went pale. Little Freya just beamed as the woman told her she was truly special and she had a bright future ahead of her. Freya Majors was a witch.

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