Moving In

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~Time skip~ Will and Shelby finished packing somehow. They spent a couple more days in England, and said their goodbyes. Will's stuff was sent to Shelby's apartment building, and now they were on their way back to L.A.

We were on the plane to head back to L.A. I honestly still couldn't believe that I was moving in with the love of my life! I always thought that I'd continue to live in the cave that I call a room. Or I thought that Graser would move out before I did... HAH, THAT ISN'T HAPPENING NOW. BEAT THAT GRASER.
The thought of that must have left a smile on my face.

I look over at Will. He has a smile spread across his face, while there was nothing in his sight except the floor of the plane.
"Will? What are you thinking about?" I ask
No response. He must be in a whole other world. (Thought wise. There isn't anything supernatural in this story)
I snap my fingers in front of his face. He snaps out of it
"Hey! What are you thinking about? I ask
"How did you know that I was thinking about something..?"
"Well. You were smiling at the floor, and it took you awhile to come back to this universe." I grinned at the thought
"Oh..." He snickered
"So, what were you thinking about?"
"I was thinking about how lucky I am. I'm moving in with you. We won't have to deal with a long distance relationship. I get to see you everyday. And... I moved out before Graser did!" He said in triumph. "Sure, I'm gonna miss my family, but it was time. To let the bird out of the nest. You know?" He explained
He sure did look attractive when he was explaining things.
Author: lmao
"Yeah... It's like when I moved out. Moving out made me a bit more of an adult. Even though I'm still a child. A 23 year old child." *smirk*
We laughed in unison
After that laugh, we both headed of to sleep, since we'd be landing soon.
~time skip~ they got their luggage, and Parker picked them up, and dropped them home, since he had something to do.

We began walking up to our apartment. Woah, it felt weird to say that... But it was also... Heartwarming.
Shelby unlocked the door, and we headed inside, dragging our stuff along.
Shelby immediately plopped down onto the couch, and I plopped down next to her.
"Welcome home." Shelby greeted me, as she ran her fingers through my hair.
Author: typing that made me laugh. Internally. I was laughing on the inside. Heh.
"Could life get any better than this?" I give her a peck on the cheek
"It could, but it comes at a slow pace."
Author: very wise Shelby. I totally did not write that.
I gave her a warm smile. She smiled back. This smiling and staring into each other's eyes, lasted for quite a bit. Until, I got a message. From Graser. s i g h
Graser fricking 10: YO ARE YOU HOME YET
William: Yes, I am home, I just got home, in fact. Why?
Graser fricking 10: wanna record?😄
William: no, dude. Shelby and just got here, and now you want me to record? I'm not Speedy Gonzales, Grase.
Graser fricking 10: LOLOLOL, fine. When can you record then?
William: idk, Shelby can record, and I can be there with her.
Graser fricking 10: Okay! Good enough. Tell Shelby to get ready, we're gonna record in two hours.
William: dude, we just got back. Couldn't you wait till tomorrow? -.-
Graser fricking 10: I NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICES
William: you can hear them tomorrow, bye.
Graser fricking 10: WILL NO
Graser fricking 10: DONT U DARE LEAVE G10 HANGING

Dang it. I really wanted to record! I need the viewsssss. Eh. I'll just go big H about it.

I got a text from Graser saying he wanted to record.
Liam: Did Will and Shelby not wanna record? And that's why you're asking me
Graser: what? No...
Liam: I'm always the second option...
Graser: you can be third if you want 😝
Liam: gee, what an upgrade
Graser: 😂😂
Liam: fine, I'll record

What have I done? Why am I always the second option?! It's because I have a dog, isn't it! It's because they're jealous! I've cracked the code!

WE HIT 3k WOOH. OMYGLOB. So, I'm doing a Q & A, I guess? Or idk. Yeah, I'll do it... GIVE MY Q's AND ILL GIVE YOU A's! Not anything too personal though... Like my phone number, I wouldn't give you the answer to that XD
Anyways, thanks for 3k! It means so much, like holy mother of macaroni. I'm s h o o k. Literally XD but yes, tenk you so much. Much love. Stay safe. Stay awesome jars of jam.
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