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Craig's POV


I love it.

I live with it every day.

It helps me function.

I can't stand my own voice. I've spoken very little in all of my life. I was told my voice was irritating and obnoxious. So I stopped talking altogether.

My mother constantly tried to get me to talk. She'd talk to me as if I was a parrot. She'd speak slowly repeating one word trying to get me to copy her.

Whenever I didn't she'd scream and cry.

My father would hit me. Thinking discipline would get me to talk. I never sobbed out when he did. I kept quiet and let tears stream down my face.

After a few years passed they gave up. Let me be by myself and gave me a board and marker.

They thought I was happy.

But there's a difference between living happy and just breathing.

I never had suicidal thoughts or anything like that.

I just didn't know what to do with life. A gift to be held and loved and cared for. Why did I get it?  What did I do to deserve it?

There were a few things I am afraid of. Thunderstorms. The noise and the bright lights. They sound as if someone's coming to get me. Take me away. That they'll never leave and all I'll get is noise, noise, noise.

Don't even start about the Fourth of July or fireworks.

I lived in a small town all my life sad thing is, The town was prone to thunderstorms and always went crazy for the holidays.

I learned sign language by the time I turned ten. My whole family ranging from my parents to my oldest cousins learned it as well. Then there was school.

School was horrible. The teachers always tried to get me to talk. I'd just write down what I wanted or needed.

I was "the special case".

Every teacher in the building knew me. I was pitied; I hated it

When I got into high school, it got worse.

With no friends I was the outcast. Ignored, teased, alone. It was quiet.

I was fine.

Until the populars found out about me.

Brian's POV

I was always happy. My parents got me everything I wanted when I wanted.

I always yell and be as loud as possible. It was fun.

I moved to a new town.

I hated my parents for dragging us here, but then I made friends. There was Evan, Jon, David, Tyler, Marcel, Scotty, Lui, and Luke.  The relationships were David and Lui, Marcel and Scotty, and Luke and Jon.

We were always together.

Constantly hanging out and getting hit on by girls, even though everyone in the group was gay or bisexual, and guys. The girls didn't care. As long as there was a pretty face and strong body they'd come running.

School is boring.

Then one day Something, more like someone, came up...

SO WHADDAYA THINK??????? Hope y'all enjoy the first chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Baiiii! ~COTwild

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