Chapter Four - Weird day

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When I finally was feeling better I went back to the classes. There was only two more classes left till I'll be able to go home. This class was Maths. I hated maths, but I was quite good at it. As I walked in, everyone was staring at me. The teacher stood up and introduced herself.

"Hello. I heard you are the new student here. I'm your maths teacher. My name is Casey Johnson, but please call me Mrs. Johnson."

"Hello nice to meet you. My name is Allison Clark and I came from Manchester." I introduced myself too.

"Take a seat next to Zayn Malik, over there." Mrs. Johnson told me as she pointed at the very last table. Next to Zayn. Oh god why? What's next? Me and Zayn sharing the same chair? I rolled my eyes. I saw he wasn't that happy either. I actually never thought that I could get an enemy in one day. More like in a half day. Ah just whatever. I sat down and Zayn gave me a note. Wait a note? Well it looked like a note anyway. I opened it carefully just in case there's a bomb in it. I'm only joking you know?

This is what the note said:


It's not the end! Your going to loose. No matter what it takes me to do you are still going down, b*tch.

With all the hate Zayn.

I wanted to laugh, but I was scared a little of him. He was a jerk and umm... Popular? Well, it was hard to know that I'm no longer popular and I'm no longer in the middle of the attention. He was. It was clear that Zayn had everything. When I said 'everything' I actually meant it.

The bell cleared my thoughts and I rushed out of the classroom so I won't have to talk to the freaking Malik. I took my phone out of my bag and I went on Wattpad. I haven't texted the nice Zayn in ages!

'Hello Zayn!'

After a couple of minutes I got a reply.

'Hi Ally:) How r u?'

'I hate the new school! I already have a bully that beat me up:('

'Ally! If I was near you I would kick his ass! I wish I could protect you:('

'Don't worry Zayn. I'll be fine. I say it's just for one day:)'

I knew that what I wrote now was likely a lie. I bet you it's not going to be for one day. More likely forever. And this is what I'm scared of. I'm scared if my bully 'the bad Zayn' will go too far. I was lost and confussed. My mind was spinning and I started feeling dizzy. The last thing I remember was hitting the ground and passing out.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

I was walking forwards Allison, but when I was maybe 5 meters away from her she fell. More of fainted. I didn't want to look weak around my friends, so instead of helping her I made fun of her. My friends were laughing and also those crazy girls that follow us everywhere. I gave them disgust look and they immediately walked away.

Brooke went over to Allison and helped her up. Allison was awake now. By the way Brooke was Josh's sister she was a year younger then Josh. She had dark brown eyes and brown hair. She was gorgeous, but still not my type. (Brooke is as Leighton Meester).

Allison looked really lost. She looked at me with disgust and frowned, there was a tear running down her cheek.

~Allison's P.O.V~

I opened my eyes when I felt that somebody was helping me. I heard a lot of people laugh. That really broke my heart. A tear fell down my cheek. Zayn was standing behind me and was laughing his head off. I frowned at him. I thanked the girl who helped me and tried to walk away, but that girl kept following me.

"Hey, I'm Brooke! What is your name?"

"Um.. I'm Allison"

"Could you slow down a little bit?"

I stopped and looked at her. I was going to tell her to go away, but I really didn't need another enemy. Instead I sat down on a bench. Brooke sat down next to me. She started the conversation and we began to chat. At first she seemed a little bit girly, but after I had known her better I found out that she has a very sweet personality.

After few days me and Brooke became like the best friends of all time. I could tell her everything and she tottaly understood me. I was really proud that I had a friend like her.


I woke up from the sound of my annoying alarm. I got up and surprisingly I was in a good mood. That's probably, because it's Friday. I picked out an outfit, which was a white tank top, a denim jacket and black jeans. I put my hair in a simple ponytail and went downstairs where I ate my breakfast.

"Sweetie, hurry up! I'm driving you to school" My dad called out.

I grabbed my school back and daddy drove me to school. As I got out of the car, Brooke ran up to me and hugged me.

"I-I can-n't brea-ath" I laughed and Brooke joined me. We were walking to the Geography classroom, when Zayn stopped me.

"I said your going down!" And after his words, he pushed me to the ground. I saw that Brooke was trying to protect me. Zayn got really angry, I bet he has anger issues. He was about to hit Brooke, when a boy about my age, punched him in the face.

"Zayn, what is wrong with you ?! You nearly hit my sister!" The boy shouted at him.

"Josh... I-I'm sor-rry."


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