A day in the life of Angel

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I was six, when I experienced the most traumatic event that any child could go though. Something I would wish upon my worst enemy. I watched, on that clear night as my parents were ripped to shreds by rouges. I watched as the other pack members ran for safety as I sat there paralysed in fear. There was nothing I could do but sit there with my mum's head resting in my lap as tears rolled down my cheeks, whispering useless words of comfort as I silently begged her to hang on to no avail. Since then, my whole pack including even my older brother turned on me claiming it was my fault my parents died that night because of some pathetic made up reason like that I didn't call for help or fight off the rouges.

My emotional abuse became a whole lot worse when a pack member witness something unusual about me. That pack member was Asher, the Alpha's son and he claimed that my eyes turned from its normal purple colour (as if that isn't weird enough) to red. Thanks to him I learned my eyes turned red due to anger, black due to pure hatred and golden due to possessiveness. That's when I realised- I ain't no normal Werewolf. After the Alpha's son reported this, and by reported I mean gossiped like a high school girl, it was like a spark to the inferno of my enslavement. The only good thing about doing everyone's homework was I could educate myself as I wasn't allowed to go to school. Yet I'm still smarter than most of these pea brains.

I was washing the floor with an old dirty mop when the alpha's son came in with his girlfriend. Asher and Brittany, the two worst people in the world. Being their normal dumb selves, they slipped on the floor even though I put about five warning signs up. I already knew what was going to happen. They got up, anger evident in their eyes. I was fifteen now and I still couldn't stand up for myself but I knew soon that would change. As intimidating as Asher was, I was not scared as when this happens so often, one learns to accept it. There is no point putting yourself through the extra stress of being scared if it wont change a thing.

I bent my head to the side in submission as he kneed me in the ribs. I swallowed a hiss of pain and I heard a crack but I knew if I showed pain, he would hurt me even more. What a twisted dude. I felt my eyes wanting to turn white due to pain but I resisted. Brittany kicked me in the back of my head, blurring my vision. I curled up in a ball hoping it would end. You would think after 3 years of this happening to me, I would be used to it but every time it happened it feels like the first. I may not After a few more punches, they left not before calling me all of the insults you could think of. I rushed back to my room also known as the broom cupboard as quick as someone with a broken rib and a buruised skull could and healded myself. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'll find my mate who will take me away from this horror.

This was the first chapter of the Powerful hybrid. I know it isn't amazing but oh well ;). See ya next chapter! May xxxx

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