Chapter 32- The Door Didn't Fall But Louis Did

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'Their car broke down so me and Liam had o drive down and rescue them'.

'My car got towed' Jessie said, with a sad expression on her face.

'Oh it's alright' Louis said, walking forward and putting an arm around her shoulders.

Jealousy filled me and I turned away and looked at Harry instead. He smiled at me and I smiled back a him.

'Where are Ellie and Zayn?' I asked Liam.

'I thought they were with you' he said.

'No I haven't seen them all day' I told him.

We all looked at each other.

'ZAYN!!! ELLIE!!!!! COME OUT COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE!!!!' Jessie screamed at the top of he lungs.

'We're here' I heard a faint voice reply.

We all ran up the hall way to the bathroom door which we all crowded around.

'Oh thank god your back' Ellie said, through the door.

'Have you been in there all day?' Niall asked.

'Yes. Someone locked the door and we have tried everything to open it.'

'But no one has been home all day' I told her.

'Well I don't know. All I know is that Zayn has been asleep for ages and I'm starting to think that he might be dead'.

'Oh don't worry, he's like that all the time' Harry said.

'Claire, do you know where the key for the bathroom door is?' Liam asked me.

'Yeah it should be in a bowl on the coffee table, on a ring with a whole bunch of other keys'.

'I'll get it' Katie said, running into the kitchen. She returned in and handed it to me.

'The bathroom key is not here' I said to the group at large.

'Well shit what the hell are we going to do now?' Hannah said.

'Back away everyone' Louis cried, flinging his arms out to either side to make space around him.

'I am a master at breaking down doors' he said as he prepared to run at the door.

'Louis I don't think...' I started to say but he had already taken off.


The door didn't fall down but Louis did. He hit the door, bounced off and landed on the floor.

We all started laughing. Louis got up a little shakily and I wrapped an arm around him and helped him get up.

'Well it was worth a try' Niall said, in between laughs.

'Hang on, I have an idea' Jessie said, running towards me.

I screamed, backing away from her fast. I thought she was going to kill me.

'Where's your little sister?' she asked as she stopped just in front of me.

'Um she should be back from Katie's by now so in her bedroom' I told her.

Jessie turned around and ran up to Bella's room and flung open the door. We all followed her. Bella was sitting at her desk on her computer and looked up to stare at us. Her eyes widen when they came to rest on me.

'Bella where's the key to the bathroom door?' Jessie asked her, out of breath.

'I have no idea what your talking about' Bella said, turning back to the computer screen.

'Bella please, where is it?' Jessie said.

'At the bottom of the pool' Bella said.

'What!!! I cried.

'Bella why on earth would the key be at the bottom of the pool... was you!!! You locked the bathroom door'.

Jessie had run out of the room and we all followed her out into the back yard. Jessie opened the pool gate and we all stood around the outside of the pool.

'So who wants to jump in?' Katie asked.

'Not me' Liam, Hannah, Niall, Katie, Lucy, Harry and I all said at the same time.

'I'll do it' Lou said and he jumped it, getting us all wet.

' LOUIS!!!!!' we all exclaimed.

He waded out into the deep end and dove under, coming up with the key clutched in his hand.

'Yay!!!' we all cheered.

Hannah fetched Louis a towel, while the rest of us went to the bathroom door. I place the key in the lock and turned it.

Ellie was sitting on the ground with her legs crossed, toothpaste all over her hands. It looked like she had been painting with tooth paste because there was toothpaste all over the floor. Zayn was leaning against her shoulder, asleep and he was drooling all over the PJs she had borrowed off me.

'Thank god!!!' she screamed, jumping up.

Zayn was startled awake and he sat up with a yawn.

'Bout time' he exclaimed getting up.

I felt something wet touch the side of my face and looked up to see Louis, his head resting against me shoulder as he wrapped his arms around me.

'Ewww Louis now I'm all wet' I said, shaking him off laughing.

He smiled at me and winked before walked up behind Harry, giving him a hug from behind.

'Louis!!!!!!' Harry screamed and we all laughed.

'So what do we do now?' I asked everyone.

'Well we have a concert in an hour, do you girls want to come along?' Liam asked.

'YEAH!!!!!' we all screamed.

20mins later we were all ready to go. Everyone had brought a bag with some clothes in it because I think they all thought they were staying another night.

Katie was wearing a pink dress that came to half way up her thigh, a black belt and black wedges.

Lucy was wearing one of Liam's shirts, she had stolen it when he wasn't looking, red jeans again (she loves her red jeans) and strappy sandals.

Ellie was wearing a tight black dress and blue heels. Hannah was wearing a flowery dress with a skinny belt and the same colour heels as the belt.

Jessie finally found her taco costume at a little dress up place that they saw on the way to my house with red gum boots and bunny ears.

I was wearing a black tank top with a big poofy purple skirt with black ballet flats.

We all split up into my mum's car and Katie's dad's car and headed to Hiscense Area with 10mins to spare.

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