who cares?

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"s..stop crying.." lucas doubtfully says to comfort her. he reachs his hand to koeun's back, slowly patting her.

koeun didn't react. she still buries her face onto her knees, doesn't care about lucas who is now beside her. comforting her.

after a few minutes, koeun finally stops. lucas immediately pulls his hand off from her back, and then spreads his gaze, trying so hard to not to look weird.


koeun has been stop crying, yet she says nothing. lucas too. he really wants her to pour all her insecurities to him, yet he is really scared to just ask for that.

like the thunders and storms,
she is beautiful, yet frightening.

so he decides to just sit there, beside her. being there with her until she, by herself, decides to talk to him about her insecurities. about the reasons she's crying for.

lucas is waiting there, beside her.
he doesn't ask, he wants koeun to talk to him herself.

and yes, she finally did.

"i hate my body" she starts, which already makes lucas become really confused.


"no, i mean," she corrects herself, "i hate my height. why do i have to be tall? i don't want it" she continues. her voice cracking, like she's going to cry all over again.

lucas says nothing, carefully listens to her.

"..i....i think that," she starts to stutter, "i think that...even though i'm too tall, it's still okay for me to keep dancing.."

she covers her face with her hands. again.

"...but it's not. she said i'm looking too stiff for dancing. i hate myself..."

lucas' eyes widened. what the actual hell?
what a very ridiculous trainer? lucas clenchs his hand.

"...well, my height also doesn't match for hina...yeri...sohye..yoojung..and the others.." koeun keep continuing. "..yeah, so..i was kicked out from the main team. that's why, lucas" she closes it while looking at lucas.

"huh? me?" lucas says, suprised.

koeun turns her head, "yeah, that's what you want to hear, right? that's what making you stay here, right?"

wow. incredible.
this girl is scarier than lucas thought.
she can read your mind.

"well...," lucas starts to reply her "are you feeling okay now?" he asks.

koeun turns her head, looking deeply into lucas' eyes, confused.

"what do you mean?"

"well, you've shared it all to me. of course there must be some burden that isn't there anymore" lucas says, while gesturing to koeun's shoulders.

koeun bitterly smiles, and then turns her head again, looking at other things but lucas' eyes.

she just can't help it. those eyes are too beautiful, she's afraid she will fall for those eyes.

"am i right?" lucas asks.

"uhm. whatever"

lucas giggles. this girl is too cute, he thinks.

"anyway, i'm staying here, wanting you to share your problems to me, not because i just want to know," lucas states while playing with his ball "i'm staying here because i care"

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