The Condition????

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In Mewar's royal palace,

Pratap: Yes I shall surely get
                 married and that too to
                  which ever girl u say. But
                  I have a condition.
Rani J: Condition?  What is it???
Pratap: The girl which u will  
                choose for me should be
                able to defeat me in
                 sword fighting.
Rana U: What? R u serious?? Plz
                  tell me u r joking...  The
                    girl should be able to
                    defeat u?
Rani J: That too in sward
                fighting. This is not done
Pratap : this is my condition Rani
Rana U: Child this is a very big,
                  important and sensitive
                   topic. Plz reduce your
RaniJ : yes , otherwise u will have
               to stay unmarried till your
Pratap: It's ok for me . I can do
                  that also.
Rani J: don't say like this. Not for
                the girl , but for us at
                least reduse your
               demand. At least for your
Pratap : but...
Rana U: Plz child.
Pratap: ok. She may not defeat
                 me in sward fighting but
                  she at least should be
                 able to match my
                 archary skills. And no
                more discussion on this .
                  Plz I have now reduced
                    my demands soo
RaniJ: All of us are aware of your
              archary skills. U can shoot
               1 target with 3 arrows at a
                time. No other boy can
                do this till now and u
                have asked us to find a
                 girl who will do so???
          This is almost impossible!!!
Rana U: but not impossible. We
                 shall start searching
                  from today.
In Bejolya's royal palace
Ajabde :I am ready to get
                married, that to
                  whomever you will say
                  but I have one condition.
Rani : what is the condition??
Ajabde​: The guy which u will
                    choose for me should
                    be able to defeat me in
S Rawat: What! ?? R u serious .
                   Defeat u , that too in  
                     archary. This morning I saw u shooting a mango with 2 arrows. This is a difficult task child.
Ajabde: yes, and it should be
                 difficult , I am not going
                   to get mrried anyone,
                  the guy should at least
                   respect me , and should
                    be able to protect me.
Rani H: Protect u?? U don't need
                anyone to protect your
                  self. Your father have
                 taught u sward fighting,
                 horse riding, archary and
                  many more things.
Ajabde: yes maa, I don't at all
                   toubt on my capabilities
                    but, ..
S Rawat: then y this condition.
Ajabde: Plz father . It's a request.
                Till now u have done so
                   much for me, just one
                    more thing. Plzzzzz
S Rawat: ok . We accept your
                             condition. If u r soo
                           stubborn than I am
                             your father. I will
                            search a guy who
                            can not only
                             compeat u but
                             defeat u in Archary.
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