How do you play American Football?

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"'Sup Gabe, how's it going? You and Lacey still gonna try and eat each other at the lunch table?"

Gabriel's best friend high fived him, then slung his arm around Gabriel's burly shoulders.

"Well Dav, it's going pretty shit actually, and me and Lacey broke up yesterday. But don't worry man, I broke up with her. She was getting clingy and annoying, you know how chicks are."

"Shame. She was hot, bet she was great in bed. Got any new ladies on the scene? You get all the good chicks."

Dav smirked at him, blissfully unaware that Gabriel had no idea what Lacey was like in bed, since he'd never actually slept with Lacey, or any other girl for that matter. He could date girls with a clear conscience, leading them on about his feelings about them and generally being a total douchebag, however actually having sex with them seemed like a step too far. He was still waiting for some amazingly perfect girl to come along and sweep him off his feet and make him wonder why he had ever liked guys in the first place. With the way things were going, it looked like he was going to be waiting a while.

Gabe laughed, then punched his best friend on the shoulder.

"Yeah, I bag the chicks, and then you get them all on the rebound"

Dav smirked at him again, and raised his arms.

"What can I say, those ladies need some tender loving care after you cruelly toss them aside. I just help them through their heartbreak, and then maybe get some on the side."

"Because every girl needs some 'tender loving care' from you, the biggest player in town."

Gabriel looked at his friend, and tried not to sigh. Even a totally straight guy would have to admit that Dav really was extremely hot. With his chocolate coloured skin and perfect white smile, he was constantly labeled as the second best looking guy in the school. After Gabriel himself, of course, with his classic blond-haired-blue eyed-stunning six pack look.

Together, they ruled the school, bagging all the best girls and going to all the best parties. Gabriel got good grades, but as captain of the football team he wasn't labeled a nerd. They were the ones everyone revered and envied, since their lives were bound to go something like this:

Finish high school and get a football scholarship to a good college. Finish college and get a decent, steady job that earned a lot of money. Meet an equally perfect girl and get married. Have fun with said girl for a few years, then have a few kids. Retire and grow old with wife, watching perfect grandchildren grow up. End life with wife, surrounded by family, and finish a perfect life.

It was no wonder really that Gabriel was reluctant to admit to himself that he liked guys. He had convinced himself that if he did his life would go like this:

Get bullied and beaten up every day until college. Be thrown off the football team, and gain a hundred pounds because of depression. Flunk high school and go and live alone and far away in a miserable apartment. Die friendless and alone.

That was of course ridiculous, but he still preferred being the guy that people moved out of the way in the corridors for.

But as they crashed into the classroom, five minutes late, there looked like there was another contender for the most handsome guy in the school.

The teacher stood by the tall, dark haired teenager as he rolled his bright green eyes, and she introduced the  delicious hunk of hotness to the rest of the class.

"This is Quentin, and he just moved here from England. I hope you'll all make him feel very welcome," smiled the teacher in her usual patronising voice.

"Hey, I'm Quentin, but if you don't want to die, then please don't ever call me that. My name is Quent, and I come from England, as you can probably tell by my accent. I like rugby and awesome parties and hot girls, and if I was still in England then I'd be able to drink alcohol this year. So that sucks. But hey, where I come from it rains all the time and there's usually nothing to do, so I think I'm gonna like this place."

The teacher looked a little shocked by his speech, but she just gestured for him to find a seat.

Gabriel was too busy trying not to stare at Quent's lips while he was talking to notice that Dev was trying to talk to him.

"He definitely has potential for joining our little group,"

(and by little group, Dev meant the richest, coolest, most beautiful and most admired people in the school.)

"He's got the looks, and he seems to have the right kind of personality for us. Maybe we should try and make friends, show him how things are done around here. "

Quent took the seat behind Gabriel, and so he took the chance to introduce himself.

"Hey, I'm Gabe, and this idiot is Dev," he whispered, gesturing to Dev.

"You look like our kinda dude."

Gabriel wasn't sure why, but at the precise moment Quent flashed his stunning smile, his heart did a funny kind of flip. It was probably just some kind of weird coincidence, he reasoned as he desperately avoided looking at his delicious red lips, and instead stared into his bright green eyes. Although really, his eyes weren't much better, they were just so... green. Surely human eyes were not supposed to be a color that intense.

"Do you wear contacts?" Gabriel suddenly blurted, while Quent looked at him weirdly.

"It's just, your eyes are so green,"

he continued. Quent looked at him some more, then spoke again.

"I could ask you the same question. Your eyes are just so blue,"

he whispered back. Gabriel fought down a blush forming over his cheeks, before their little conversation was rudely interrupted.

"Are we going to have an actual conversation, or are you guys just gonna continue staring into each other's eyes?" Dev laughed.

"Well we are in class, and it is your first day,"

said Gabriel, motioning to Quent.

"Oh yeah. What class was this again?" Quent asked.

"American history."

"Shit," Quent cursed.

"I know nothing about American history. All I learned about was kings and queens and the first world war and shit, and I wasn't that great at it anyway."

"You should be fine," Gabriel reassured.

Just come along to football tryouts next week and you can get into college that way if you're good enough. You have the right build for it."

Gabriel looked Quent up and down, trying not too let his eyes linger for too long on his mouth watering arms that the tee shirt he was wearing did a good job showing off.

"We need a few new players since most of the good ones went off to college at the end of last year," Gabriel explained.

"That's great. You guys are totally awesome. I have just one question though. How do you play American Football?"

This was quite short, and I think most chapters will be. I'm just not that good at writing anything long, so that's just how it's going to go!


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