chapter 14

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??? POV:

I watched as the couple walked into the apartment.

Taking out my communication lacrama, I called my master.

" Master, I have followed the target home, what do you want me to do?", I asked quietly glancing at the apartment window.

" Happy, I told you to just call me Dan, not master, and for what to do, when she falls asleep, sneak into her house, and bring her to me," mast-, I mean Dan said.

Groaning I glared at the lacrama.

" What do you want the target anyways? What's so special about her anyway I mean look at her, she's so fa-"

" Shut up Happy!," Dan roared, interrupting my rant.

" S-shes perfect! She's my perfect angel. And we will be together, and she will marry me and we'll have 33 Dalu babies! Because she loves me!"

Suddenly I felt bad for the target. I mean, come on, who wouldn't feel bad for her?

Even I had to admit, Dan sounds insane.

I can still remember the day when Dan met Lucy...

*Flashback Happy's POV:*

Master Dan and I were walking down the streets of Magnolia, trying to cheer up Dan.

Like always, Dan had just been dumped.

But this time it was different. She didn't just break up with him, no, she tried to kill him.

And of course as Dan's personal body guard, I did what I had to do.

I killed her.

Anyway, I was trying to comfort Dan when suddenly we bumped into someone.

Looking down, I noticed a blonde haired woman lying on the ground.

I had to admit, she was pretty, even for a shapeshifter like me.

Then I remembered Dan.

Glancing beside me I instantly knew this was going to end badly.

Dan was literally drooling while staring at her.

Dan suddenly smiled and helped the girl stand.

" Um sorry, I'm sorry, so sorry!?", The girl kept apologising and bowing, crying.

Dan, still smiling, told her it was fine and gave her a pat on the back.

She smiled and was about to say something when suddenly, the clock in he center of town struck noon.

The girl gasped and apologized again, saying she had to meet someone at noon and how she was running late.

Then she ran away, waving over her shoulder.

Once she was gone I turned around and faced Dan, seeing something that Im still having nightmares about.

Because upon Dan's face was a look of pure insanity.

Grinning, he looked at me, and starting laughing.

" Hey Happy, do you know what time it is?"

Giving him a confused look, I shook my head.

Dan then laughed and said in an excited tone,
" it's hunting time!"

* End of flashback*

And that's how I ended up here, waiting for the girl to go to sleep.

* Time skip, two hours later*

Are you freaking serious!?

For two hours, I have been crouching in the same position, having to pee, and starving!

I imedatly stood up and and shifted into my natural form, a blue exceed.

Sprouting wings, I flew towards the window that she had left open.

Landing on the windowsill, I silently slipped inside her bedroom and shifted into my human form.

Pulling out some rope, I quietly walked to her bed and quickly bound her hands and feet.

Placing a gag around her mouth I carefully picked her up and rushed towards the window, not noticing the door open behind me.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps rushing towards me, so I quickly jumped out the window, holding the target in my arms.

Once my feet touched the ground I immediately started sprinting away.

When I was about fifty feet away from the apartment, I heard an earthshaking roar and shattering glass.

Not turning around, I threw the target over my shoulder and turned on my teleportation lacrama.

Suddenly a bright light surrounded the target and I.

The last thing I heard before getting teleported to master Dan's mansion, was someone desperately shouting out the name Lucy.


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