Zack Morris. (Request For Merinda).

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Imagine being the new girl in school, and Zack has a huge crush on you

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Imagine being the new girl in school, and Zack has a huge crush on you...

"So, Zack, this is Merinda, and you'll be showing her around the school today."  Zack nodded his head, agreeing to the teacher.

"Yes ma'am."  He replied rather quickly.  You stood up in your seat, and walked over to Zack.  "Uh hi."  You smiled.  He gave you a slight smirk.  "Hey." 

He took you down each and every hallway, telling you a number of things about the school. 

"So, this is the gym. We have gym in here."  You chuckled a bit at his cuteness.  You were really starting to develop a thing for him.  "I could've guessed that, but thanks."  You laughed. 

.A Week Later.

You had started hanging out with Zack more often.  You really liked him, but you didn't think he liked you back. Which made you sad. 

"Hey Zack."  You smiled at him. He was walking over to you, with a sour look on his face.  "Zack, what's wrong? You don't look too good."  You said lightly. 

"Uh, I have to ask you something Merinda."  He sat you down on the bench, and when he looked up at you, his cheeks were red. 

"Would you be my girlfriend?"  You choked on his words.  He actually liked you too? You were in compete awe. 

"Totally! I mean, yes, yes I will."  You said bluntly. 


Hope you liked it:) Again, sorry for the bad wait!

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