Young!Sirius Black x Rheanne Matheson

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!! Severus is a bit OOC in this, but what can you do?

Today was going to be the day for Sirius. After a while of liking Rheanne, this day he was finally going to ask her out. He wasn't really sure why he was so nervous about this. He had known Rheanne for so long, this should be easy for him. Besides, he's asked other girls out, why is she different?

Well, to he she is so different. She just gets him. They've spent hours just talking about life. To Sirius, she was the one. 

~ Rheanne POV ~

"You know, you've got very pretty eyes." Severus told me out of nowhere. I gave him a weird look.

"I- thanks, Severus." I thanked him, awkwardly patting him on his shoulder. Shouldn't have done that, since it only seemed to encourage him on. 

"And for a half-blood you're pretty and a good witch." he added. I wasn't sure if I was supposed get offended, but I decided not to.

"Thanks I guess..." I once again thanked him. He probably didn't get my 'get-off vibe', since he decided to keep going. 

And going.

And going.

With the never ending flirting. If you could call it that. I didn't want to fend him off, because I honestly felt bad for him. This is probably all the female contact he'd had since Lily rejected him. So I settled with nodding, smiling and some snappy remarks here and there.

~ Sirius' POV ~

I walked down the corridor, looking for Rheanne. I was finally going to ask her out. And I'm freaking out. Moony, James and Peter like to joke that I've finally met my match, a girl who makes me nervous. A great laugh, right?

I've asked other girls out before, but for some reason asking Rheanne out makes me so nervous. I'm not sure why... but that doesn't matter. 

As I almost turned a corner I heard people chatting. Well, I heard Severus talking. I guess he's finally gone mad, talking to himself. I snickered at the idea. 

I turned the corner just to find Rheanne and Severus talking. To be precise, Severus flirting with Rheanne, who just smiled back at him, occasionally laughing. 

Well, there goes my heart. 

I turned around as fast as possible, not really wanting to see if they snog or not. I stormed to the Gryffindor common room not saying a word.

"Sirius, mate! How'd it go?" James asked me, but I ignored him totally. I saw James give Lupin a look before I shut myself in our dorm room.

~ Third person POV ~

Rheanne finally had the guts to leave Severus. Finally. It wasn't as hard as she thought. She simply said bye and walked away. Severus just wouldn't stop with his 'flirting'. If that's what you could call it. It was way too awkward for her. 

Rheanne was walking down the hall to her next class, when she saw Sirius walking trotting along a few steps ahead of her. A smile spread across her face as she jogged to his side. 

"Heya, Sirius." she chirped, leaning a bit on his shoulder. But much to her dismay, he instantly moved away. Rheanne lifted an eyebrow and took a peak at Sirius' face, which was stone cold. 

"What's wrong?" Rheanne asked, not used to seeing him so... emotionless. For an answer Sirius simply scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Why do you think something is wrong?" he mumbled. Rheanne didn't understand him at this moment. 

"You're never this quiet." she said, "Did something happen?" 

Once again, he just rolled his eyes. "Why do you care?" 

"Of course I care, silly!" Rheanne half laughed. "Why wouldn't I?" 

"Just, go snog Severus or something! Leave me alone." Sirius said and sped away from Rheanne, leaving her to stand still, slightly shocked. What just happened?

- the next day -

"Guys, have you noticed anything strange about Sirius? I haven't seen him all day." Rheanne sat down with James, Remus and Peter. They changed looks. "What?"

"Well, he has been more grumpy than usual." Remus said. Rheanne nodded.

"Do you know why?" she asked. The boys all shook their head. 

"I think you should ask him." Peter said. Rheanne nodded. She thought the same. It hurt her a bit that Sirius wasn't talking to her. She really liked him. Like, like liked him. 

"I will. Thanks guys." she smiled and got up. I just got to find him first. She started her search by the library, because she knew that Sirius went there to think. It was quiet there. 

Rheanne walked around the library, when she finally spotted Sirius. Sitting in a corner, head in a book, clearly pretending to read. Rheanne walked slowly up to him, sitting next to him.

"Hey, mate." she said. Sirius took a look at her for a second, but not answering. Rheanne sighed.

"Sirius, you're killing me here. What's wrong? You're worrying me." she said, gently pushing down his book. Sirius set the book down, still not talking. 

"Did someone hurt you? Did I do something? Please just tell me!" she raised her voice at the end, earning a few dirty looks from other students there. Sirius turned his head at Rheanne, now looking slightly angry. 

"Why don't you stop pretending, okay?!" he slashed out. Rheanne stood up.

"Okay, I can see where this is going, so we're taking this outside." she said sternly. Sirius scoffed, but stood up anyway. They walked silently out the library and the moment the door closed Rheanne turned to him.

"Okay, what the bloody hell do you mean by that?" she asked, flailing her arms. Sirius rolled his eyes.

"I saw you and Severus yesterday." he mumbled, avoiding Rheanne's eyes. Rheanne cocked her head. 

"What do you- Ohh..." she realized. Then she started giggling. Sirius gave her an odd look. 

"What's so funny?" he asked, getting irritated. Rheanne shook her head.

"I felt so bad for him." she started, "He tried so hard to 'flirt' with me, at least I think so..."

Sirius stood still, eying Rheanne up and down. "You were laughing with him! Having the best time of your life." he muttered. Rheanne gave him a look.

"It was so bad, you know. The only thing you could do was laugh." she said, "But honestly, Sirius, is that why you are mad with me? I don't understand you at all." 

Sirius rubbed his eyes. "I like you okay!" he burst out. Rheanne smirked.

"Well, of course I like you too, but I don't see how that affects this situation." she giggled. Sirius groaned and cupped Rheanne's cheeks, which turned pink at his touch.

"You can be so thick, you know that." he whispered before leaning in. Both of their hearts were beating fast as their lips touched. The kiss was simple and sweet, but still full of emotion. Rheanne held her breath through it. 

When Sirius departed from Rheanne he whispered. "I really like you."

Rheanne gulped visibly. "I really like you, too." she whispered back. "But you still worried me, you bloody idiot. You could've just talked to me like a normal person." 

Sirius chuckled. "Nah, gotta keep my drama on." he said, opening his arms. Rheanne took the hint, wrapping her arms around Sirius' torso.


"Your idiot."

 - ♠ -

The most cliche ending ever, I know. @OneLoneLeopard requested this one, sorry for the wait and hope you liked it!


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