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When my Aunt pulled up to the school, she hasn't suspected a thing. But whenever she received a call from the school, she was not happy.

When we got home, she pulled me out of the car from my ear and took me into my bedroom. She told me my punishment.

It was: make dishes for a month, do laundry for a month, no calling anybody for a month (even dad) no friends over, only allowed out of room if its school, breakfast lunch or dinner, or chores.

Everything else she said I didn't listen to. Her voice is so annoying. Like hearing Professor Umbridge talk everyday to you at Hogwarts.

When she finally left, I rolled my eyes and fell onto my bed. This was so boring. I never did chores at home. We never cleaned. My dad made me and him wear masks over our faces, and he kidnapped people and made them do the work for us, or else they died. They listened, and we were never caught.

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