...The Spy Who Fell At My Doorstep........Could It Be Love? Teaser :D

a/n: btw this is mah first spy/agent story so bear with me and I would appreciate it very much if you guys would give me constructive criticism about it. Thank you :D

Before I even think about venturing to the night that my life changed completely let me tell you about myself... my name is Alessandra....it means 'Defending Mankind' in Italin, I was born in Spain, but I am half Portuguese and Italian. I'm 5'10, my apparent style is "emo", I play soccer and basketball, and the most dangerous of my life is the fact that I am an agent, I'm also only 17.

Your probably wondering why a 17 year old is a spy...well let's just say that spy genes where passed down through generations. Now back to that night that effectively changed my life forever...

I was just reviewing the security cameras one more time before I went to bed when I noticed a movement in the bottom right hand corner of one of the screens. I decided to check it out. I walked out of my house and glanced to the left and right of my house....as I walked closer to the gate that separated some of my driveway...I noticed a pungent smell...that's when I saw the body.....

A/N: Yhu guys probably hate meh rite now fo cuttin it short lol im srry this is the teaser ill probably post later today...I would love your feedback and any suggestions you have for me



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